She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Premiering Early; Releases New Trailer, Images

She-Ra fans are being gifted with some great news from Netflix this week. First up, their newest DreamWorks Animation Television series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will arrive on November 13th – earlier than previously announced. To coincide with the announcement, Netflix has released new images and a trailer for Noelle Stevenson‘s take on the […]

EA Has Run Game Simulations In NBA Live 18 For Tonight’s Games, So, Uh [SPOILERS] Maybe?

EA, in an attempt to make their NBA game franchise better than 2K’s, have run simulations in NBA Live 18 to determine who would win out of tonight’s offering of basketball games.  EA Sports ran game simulations of the Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets games, each with “potentially league-shifting implications” […]

World Of Warcraft – Warriors Feel The Rage Going Into Legion

When I first signed up to play World of Warcraft almost nine years ago, I wanted to make a toon that would be hard to kill and powerful. So I made a warrior and somehow ended up being a tank. This permeated through all of my characters after, playing every class like they are in […]

Social Justice Warriors Game Has You Fighting Internet Trolls

So I’m sure this will blow over with little to no controversy. Social Justice Warriors has just been released on Steam, so now you can go be part of the depressing war that rages on on Twitter. The game has you play as one of a few fantasy classes in a quest to squash Internet […]