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Black Panther Gets A Wave Of Magnificent Marvel Legends Figures

Black Panther figures were finally shown off this morning at MCM London Comic Con. The wave of Marvel Legends from Hasbro is in support of the upcoming film. Here we have the standard wave of six figures, and a build a figure acting as the seventh and rewarding those who collect whole waves, which would […]

New ‘Black Panther’ Poster Spotlights T’Challa’s Allies, Enemies

If there’s one thing that the trailer for Marvel Studios‘ Black Panther shows us, it’s that a revolution is bigger than any one man; and in the newly released poster, we’re introduced to those who will stand by King T’Challa’s/Black Panther’s side for the sake of Wakanda…and those who will do whatever it takes to tear […]

‘Black Panther’: New Trailer Takes The Wakandan Revolution Global

The Marvel Universe is about to learn in a very big way that the “quiet, friendly” African nation of Wakanda is a global (and universal) force to be reckoned with; and as the newest trailer for Marvel Studios‘ Black Panther makes clear, King T’Challa’s/Black Panther’s revolution isn’t going to be televised…it’s going live! Following-up on […]


Now You Can Have A 12-Inch Black Panther On Your Toy Shelf Thanks To Hasbro!

Black Panther is joining the Marvel Legends 12-inch line, and man does he look cool. The 12-inch line has been aweosme so far, I own every released piece so far, including the Target exclusive Black Suit Spider-Man (review coming soon!), so this will be a instant purchase for me. This will actually be the first […]

Black Panther #15 Review: The Elder Gods Emerge

With the gods of Wakanda missing and monsters appearing all over the nation, the Black Panther has enlisted the help of an old adversary: a wizard named Zawavari. These two, along with the newly-empowered Shuri, have arrived in the Jabari Lands to help the Dora Milaje fight off a new invasion of ape-like monsters. After […]

Let’s Go To Wakanda: First Trailer For Black Panther

LETS GO TO WAKANDA!! Today, Marvel released the first trailer for their upcoming Black Panther solo film during the NBA round 4 finals.  If you missed it when it aired, here it is: Chadwick Boseman is back as newly crowned king of Wakanda after his character’s first appearance in Captain America: Civil War in 2016. This will […]

Ta-Nehisi Coates Breaks Down Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Part I

Ta-Nehisi Coates (Between the World and Me) breaks down the first part of his new Black Panther series that he’s doing with artist Brian Stelfreeze. Here he talks about the forces rising to oppose the crown and what T’Challa has lost going into the story and the state of Wakanda. [youtube]https://youtu.be/WVqAnQe_xGw[/youtube]

‘Reparations For Wakanda. Namor Owe Us.’ – Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Answers Questions About Black Panther

A respected, serious, political writer is picked to write the ongoing comic book series Black Panther. Lots of people enjoy the perceived disconnect. Not the least, Ta-Nehisi Coates. Take it away sir… https://twitter.com/colbycakes/status/646377388322988032 https://twitter.com/tanehisicoates/status/646377502655561728 https://twitter.com/emarty/status/646379733844930560 https://twitter.com/tanehisicoates/status/646380413808738305 @tanehisicoates Do you have a recommendation of a particular Black Panther arc/series to get into the character? — David […]