Vito Delsante

A Nightworld Descended On New York On Wednesday

As we warned you, readers, there was a massive signing for the Image series Nightworld Vol 1: Midnight Sonata, written by Adam McGovern, illustrated by Paolo Leandri and designed by Steve Price on Wednesday night in New York.  Within the trade collection were also a contingent of illuminating pin-ups by some super-talented local comic artists […]

Hanging At Hang Dai Studios With Joe Infurnari, Dean Haspiel, And Seth Kushner

Walking into an active comics studio is always an experience in discovering the Kevin-Bacon like limited series of “degrees of separation” between the comics that are being produced right now. There are usually arcane connections that lead between books that no one’s the wiser to unless they happen to stand in the room at the […]

Rounding Up A Stray In January With Action Lab

A year ago Vito Delsante and Sean Izaakse started a Kickstarter for a comic of their called Stray. They got $11,000 of their $8,000 goal. And in January next year, that comic will be published by Action Lab. (W) Vito Delsante (A) Sean Izaakse (CA) Mike Norton, Ben Hunzeker The Doberman, one of the world’s greatest heroes, […]


Vito Delsante writes; The common adage about writing anything is, “Write what you know.” Whenever I’m asked for advice about writing (which is surprisingly often, considering I’m not what you’d call a “household name”), I amend that to say, “Write what you know, learn what you don’t, and fake the rest.” I’ve written a few […]

The Lessons of Liberator

Alasdair Stuart writes; Black Mask have had a hell of an opening year, turning out books that have gone to some very risky places. It’s paid off, again and again, with Occupy Comics and Ballistic proving especially popular. For me though, the line stand out is Liberator. Equal parts social justice book, exploration of the […]

Signings And Screenings – Offsite Events In New York During Comic Con Week

The Javits Center isn’t the only place to be during Comic Con week in New York, with plenty of offsite events bookending the con itself. Here’s a sampling of comic-shop based signings and events, as well as two hosted by Columbia University’s Butler Library. Greg Rucka, Ales Kot, and Frank Barbiere Sign at Forbidden Planet […]

Five Reasons You Should Be Reading Liberator

Alasdair Stuart writes; Black Mask‘s entire raft of launch titles have been impressive, but for me, the stand out is Liberator. Written by Matt Miner and illustrated by Javier Sanchez Aranda, Joaquin Pereyra, Vito Delsante with excellent extras art by Yasmin Liang and Kathryn Mann  , it’s the point where superheroics and Black Mask’s interest […]