Unreleased Retro Star Wars Figure Coming Soon from Hasbro 

Unreleased Vintage Star Wars Figure Coming Soon from Hasbro 

Star Wars was on everyone's mind this past weekend as Hasbro dropped some new collectibles at New York Toy Fair. Honestly, it was a very lack-lustered showing as nothing was truly "mind-blowing". I was hoping we would get a preview at more Clone Wars figures since the newest season has finally premiered. However, there was […]

On the Pioneer Format (and Early Financial Spikes) - "Magic: The Gathering"

Opinion: No Pioneer Bans? This Early? – "Magic: The Gathering"

Let's talk for a second about Pioneer in the context of Magic: The Gathering formats that have come before it. In this article, I'm inclined to discuss what older formats have had banned from them from the get-go, and how this early in the life of Pioneer, the relative lack of bans is preposterous. So, as […]

"Bontu the Glorified" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

Yikes! Many Bans in Standard, Others – "Magic: The Gathering"

Today (November 18th), Wizards of the Coast has announced a smattering of additions to their Banned and Restricted List for Magic: The Gathering. The additions are as follows: Standard: Oko, Thief of Crowns is banned. Once Upon a Time is banned. Veil of Summer is banned. Brawl: Oko, Thief of Crowns is banned. Legacy: Wrenn and Six is banned. Vintage: Narset, […]

McDonalds is Bring Back Some Classic Retro Toys Today!

McDonalds is Bring Back Some Classic Retro Toys Today!

McDonald's is giving us an amazing throwback! Throughout our years as kids, I am sure most of us have had a Happy Meal in the past. To celebrate the 40 years of McDonald's they are bringing back some classic retro happy meal toys. These toys and will only be available from November 7 to November […]

"They Live" ReAction Figures Are Here and They Must Obey

"They Live" ReAction Figures Are Here and They Must Obey

They Live is a pop culture and a cult classic film. Not only does it showcase an interesting protagonist Mr.Piper but the idea of monsters hiding among us grabbed audiences. Also, the underlying message of it's been controlled by the system shows the director's ideas and views on society. But enough of that it's time collectors […]

"Magic: The Gathering: Arena" to Make Ban Announcement

"Magic: The Gathering: Arena" To Make Emergency Ban Announcement

Hang onto your hats for the next few weeks, folks – Magic: The Gathering: Arena speculation is about to get a bit hectic. Twitter page @MagicEsports, the account that manages the Twitter page for Magic: The Gathering: Arena, has posted a tweet as of yesterday (October 9th) stating that the next Banned and Restricted List […]

Star Wars Reveals New Black Series and Vintage Figures at NYCC

Star Wars Reveals New Black Series and Vintage Figures at NYCC

Star Wars has always made a presence inside the convention world as it has one of the biggest fan bases. During the Star Wars panel at New York Comic Con, Hasbro has revealed A whole list of new upcoming figures. While some of the stuff was already revealed for Triple Force Friday we did get […]

"Magic: The Gathering" Is Getting Expensive

Opinion: "Magic: The Gathering" Is Getting Expensive

Over the past year, I've been looking at the prices of individual Magic: The Gathering cards get progressively more expensive. It's disheartening, but with a growing player base, cards of many kinds are becoming more and more in-demand for quite a few different decks. This only got worse when Wizards of the Coast, the company […]

Star Wars Walmart Ottoman 1

Star Wars Vintage Collectors Will Love This Ottoman From Walmart

Star Wars collectors lend me your ears! Especially for you vintage collectors like myself. Walmart has a newly licensed foldable fabric ottoman adorned with vintage Kenner action figures. Retailing for $19.99 it is available in stores and online. Get organized and make cleaning up fun with Lucas Films Star Wars. This 15" folding storage ottoman […]


Is Your Last Thrift Store Find As Cool As This Baseball Bat?

I think we've all, at one point or another, walked into a thrift store or Goodwill and had that rush of excitement at the possible treasures we could find. As an action figure collector, there is usually something available. My best find was about 20 vintage Star Wars figures all complete for my loose collection […]

Topps Vintage Star Wars Sticker Book Makes Me Want A Time Machine

One of the cooler vintage Star Wars collectibles you can collect are the old Topps trading card sets. I have been collecting cards of all varieties my whole life, but the Star Was cards have always been a favorite. Inside those sets, along with a piece of bubble gum, they also included sticker cards. Oh […]

Star Wars Collectible Heaven Is A Fun Way To Spend A Saturday

As an avid Star Wars collector, you are always on the lookout for anything and everything, every opportunity to add to your collection. Nothing is more thrilling than to come across a huge amount of collectibles all in one place, and that was precisely how I got to spend my Saturday morning. I attended a […]

CGC Insider #2: Fingerprints And Comic Book Grading

  If you've ever visited this site to stare in amazement at a nice high grade copy of Wonder Woman #1 or Superman #2 and wondered how they became known as the best-graded copies, or wondered exactly what the difference was between this particular copy of Action Comics #1 and this other copy of Action […]

Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 9.2 Sells For Record $375,000

Vintage comics seller and auction house ComicConnect just announced that the sale of the Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 9.2 Northland copy for $375,000 earlier this month. That's a new record for this key 1962 Marvel comic created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and featuring the first appearance of one of Marvel's best-known characters. The sale eclipses […]

CGC's New Holder Changes the Game

I don't get much of a chance to write these days, but some things are just too good to keep secret for long. I'm the biggest vintage comic book geek you can possibly imagine, so when my friends at CGC offered to let me take a look at their new graded comic holder a while […]

Your First Look At An Amazing Spider-Man #666 Retailer Cover

Over 15o comic book retailers participated in an Amazing Spider-Man #666 promotion to have their store featured on the cover of a specially select print run of the comic in question, out next week. Each retailer had to commit to buying 150% of their normal amount of the normal cover and then at least 500 […]