Top Gun

Dolores Umbridge, Maverick: 5 Infamous Movie Villains Who Got Away Scot Free

Every film contains some form of protagonist, or hero, and an antagonist, or villain. Audiences can count on the fact that the hero is going to win, and the villain will lose. This expectation is subverted occasionally, and more often than not that subversion is reversed in the sequel. This is generally accepted as the […]

jupiter's legacy

“Jupiter’s Legacy”: Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight, Netflix Part Ways Over “Creative Differences; Production to Continue

More than six months after a major casting annoncement was made and reportedly halfway through filming the first-half of the 8-episode season, showrunner Steven S. DeKnight (Marvel’s Daredevil) and Netflix have parted ways on their epic superhero generational conflict (literally) series Jupiter’s Legacy over “creative differences.” Deadline Hollywood is reporting exclusively that while a search is underway, […]

Our Favorite Villains Wondercon Panel: Waid and Cates in One Room

Our Favorite Villains Wondercon Panel: Waid and Cates in One Room

When it comes to panels at comic conventions I think my favorite moderator is Mark Evanier, but coming in a close second is the man who moderated the Our Favorite Villains panel at Wondercon, Mark Waid. Now I think there is a possibility that Bleeding Cool may make Waid’s list of villains, but I have […]

Stargirl: Luke Wilson Joins DC Universe Series as Pat “Stripesy” Dugan

Actor Luke Wilson (Old School, The Royal Tenebaums) is getting ready to earn his “stripes,” joining the cast of the upcoming live-action Stargirl series from DC Universe. With the series set to premiere later this year, Wilson has been tapped to play mechanic-turned-superhero Pat Dugan, who pilots Stripe, a hulking 15-foot robot of his own creation. Wilson’s Pat Dugan once […]

Catwoman #2 cover by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred

Catwoman #2 Review: Good Lead, Vague Plot

Catwoman has walked into a room full of women dressed like her. They immediately show themselves not to be friendly, so Selina must fight her way out of this one. After the brawl, Selina interrogates one of the false Catwomen and gets a lead. Meanwhile, Creel punishes the false Catwoman that killed the police officers. […]

Thanos #18 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Thanos #18 Review: All For Our Lady Death

Death has arrived at last, now, at the end of everything. Thanos and King Thanos have slain the Fallen One, the Silver Surfer wielding Mjolnir. The Cosmic Rider is dead, and so is the Hulk. The Annihilation Wave has been extinguished, and the only matter left is for the Thanos of our time to kill […]

Thanos #16 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Thanos #16 Review: A Brilliant Display from Both Cates and Thanos

The origins of the Rider, Thanos’s companion and former Punisher, are shown. From the fall of Earth’s heroes, to a plea from Galactus, and ending with another encounter with Thanos, we learn how Frank Castle became what he is now. After this, the Fallen One, the Silver Surfer, arrives to face King Thanos, his younger […]

Will Scott Snyder Write From A Villain Point Of View?

It would be great, wouldn’t it? Yesterday, the awesome writer Scott Snyder came across some free time while waiting in line at a ride in Disney World. Situations like these often lead him to turning to Twitter for a surprise Q&A. While some people asked about IKEA and his creative counterpart Greg Capullo, this one caught my attention the most… […]

DC Comics Brings On The Bad Guys Next Year

Bleeding Cool has learnt from a number of sources that DC Comics’ Next Big Thing will be a focus on the villains of the DC Universe, and introducing a raft of bad guy characters to books, many of whom will be making their debut in the New 52. Different villains will be assigned to different […]