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DC Fixes Print Run On September's Villain Month Due To 3D Covers

Straight from the DC Retailer Roadshow… The event held today, with around a hundred retailers present, showed off upcoming DC Comics work. But the focus was on the 3D covers for September's Villain's Month, in person. All retailers should have received (or will be receiving) a copy of the new technology 3D cover for Superman […]

Which DC Character Will Be Most Affected By Villain's Month?

DC Comics states that Buzzfeed exclusively announced Villain's Month earlier this week. Funny, I'm sure we did that, back in November. Anyway, they did report this exchange; Will Villain Month have any major repercussions? Is there a chance that some of the heroes won't make it through September? DD: They might make it through September, […]

Topping Off Villain Month – Thursday Trending Topics

Somewhere, a lenticular printer is making plans for a very merry Christmas. Add the four Forever Evil books and that makes up the 56 titles of the Villain Month Omnibus. But do they count? Or is that it for the New DCU in September? Most-Read Comic Stories Thursday: Avengers Arena Spoilers, A Major Character Death, […]

Do Two Wonder Woman Solicitations Top Out The DCU In September?

With Uproxx giving us the Wonder Woman solicitations for September, that gives us 52 titles. Add the four Forever Evil books and that makes up the 56 titles of the Villan Month Omnibus. But do they count? Or is that it for the New DCU in September? If so, this is what we have. Forever […]

JH Williams III, DC Comics, Villain Month And Giant Pot Holes

JH Williams III, writer and artist of Batwoman, one of the most creatively acclaimed titles of the New 52, isn't writing one of the Villains Month books. Even though he wanted to. Even though he had big plans he'd been working towards. Last night he tweeted about Villain Month and Batwoman in response to questions. […]

Who Are The 56 Villains? Tuesday Trending Topics

Glad to see Solomon Grundy in there. Classic DC villain. Anyway, we should make a list of these.  There are 56 Villain books in September from the DCU, it seems, according to the Villain Month Omnibus story. So what makes up the remaining 21? Most-Read Comic Stories Tuesday: What Books Will DC Be Sacrificing In […]

DC Comics Villain Month, Forever Evil, and 3D – Monday Trending Topics

A busy September from DC Comics: Dan DiDio and Jim Lee have announced Villain Month. All new issue ones. 3D motion covers. And a Forever Evil seven issue mini-series and crossover, spinning out of Trinity War. And that some villain books would continue past this issue. Because there will be some new issue ones involved here. […]

DC Comics – Contrasting One Point With Another

There's a very mean thing The Daily Show does. Where they take a comment someone once said and contrast it with something they, or their association says now, that completely contradicts the original statement. It's mean, it's out of context, and it's completely unnecessary. Naturally, we love it. Just as comparing DC executive John Rood […]

How Many Times Will Batman Be Bound And Gagged In Villain Month?

Taking another look at those revealed 3D covers for Villain Month, so far that we talked about earlier… Batman, bound by Poison Ivy's vines. Bound and gagged by Ventriloquist. Chained by Two Face He should be grateful Darkseid only knocked him out. You know, the new issue of Empowered by Adam Warren is out this […]

What Signs Can We Find For Villains Month In DC's August Solicitations?

Thanks to CBR, IGN and MTV Geek, we can see the Superbook, Batbook and Edge solicitations for August. But what predictions can we make for Villains Month in September, where every book is retitled and renumbered #1 for one month, spotlighting the central villain of the title? Threshold has a "a major villain emerges from […]

The Villains Of DC Comics Villains Month – Tuesday Trending Topics

I seem to recall some discussion of Prankster during one of the C2E2 panels, so that one's probably still right, I think. But I just hope Darkseid gets a title takeover. And of course, Bizarro. So what Villains Month titles are we expecting from DC in September? When all the DC New 52 comic books […]