vault of spiders

An Inferno for the Spider-Verse in Next Week’s Vault of Spiders #2

The Spider-Geddon crossover continues to exist for some reason in next week’s Vault of Spiders #2, an anthology which tells tales of Spider-persons from various alternate realities in a throw everything at the wall and see what sticks kind of approach to Spider-comics. One of those stories sees New York terrorized by a gang of […]

A Spider-Man to Compete with Red Dead Redepemption 2 in Vault of Spiders #1

This week finally saw the long-awaited release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the open world Western game that’s taken the world by storm. It’s a tough time to compete in the entertainment market, with epics like Red Dead Redemption 2, with a hundred hours or more of playtime for $60, especially for comics, which offer […]