Valve Is Giving Steam A Library Update On September 17th

Valve Is Giving Steam A Library Update On September 17th

Valve Corporation has made an announcement this week that it will be implementing a major update to the Steam Library this month. You can read about the library updates here, and some additional improvements here, as the company will be retooling many things. Aside from a new look, the library is meant to make you […]

The International 2020 For "Dota 2" Is Headed To Sweden

The International 2020 For “Dota 2” Is Headed To Sweden

The International 2019 may have ended this weekend, but Valve is already planning for 2020 as Dota 2 will be headed to Sweden next year. During this year’s event, the company made the announcement both in the area and online, along with the artwork and video you see here. While a specific date wasn’t given, […]

Valve Apologizes To Capcom And "Street Fighter V" For Trailer Leak

Valve Apologizes To Capcom And “Street Fighter V” For Trailer Leak

While many of us were excited to see three new characters be added to Street Fighter V this week, Valve was apologizing for messing it up. While we and others have been giving praise to Capcom for the early reveal before EVO 2019, turns out it was Valve who leaked the info early on their […]

"CS:GO" StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Partners With Secretlab

“CS:GO” StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Partners With Secretlab

The next big CS:GO tournament, StarLadder Major Berlin 2019, just got a big gaming partnership as Secretlab has joined on as the official gaming chair. As you might suspect from this partnership, whenever you look at the teams on stage, they’ll all be sitting in customized Secretlab chairs made specifically for that tournament. One of […]

Valve Introduces The Interactive Recommender To Steam

Valve Introduces The Interactive Recommender To Steam

Valve has introduced a brand new item from their Steam Labs wing as you can utilize a new program called the Interactive Recommender. You can turn it on for your account right now at this link, but essentially, this is a way for Steam to recommend new games to you based on a variety of […]

Valve Releases a New Steam Chat Mobile App

Valve Releases a New Steam Chat Mobile App

Valve has released a new mobile app this week for Steam, specifically for Steam Chat so you can use their chat service on your mobile device. At a glance, the system looks like it operates much the same way Facebook Messaging does, just with more Steam integration and options, so it won’t be too hard […]

The Steam Link App is Now Available on iOS for Mobile Game Streaming

The Steam Link App is Now Available on iOS for Mobile Game Streaming

Valve has expanded its Steam Link app by porting it to iOS devices, so you can now stream your Steam library to any iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV device. Along with the announcement, Valve also released the required specs for running the app: Requirements: iPhone or iPad using iOS 10 or higher Computer running Steam […]

Valve Introduces Their New Valve Index VR Software and Gear

Valve Introduces Their New Valve Index VR Software and Gear

Today, Valve introduced its brand new VR unit to compete with others on the market called the Valve Index, which will work specifically with Steam. The Valve team is currently working on three games for the setup but won’t say what they are, only showing off the hardware to the entire thing which looks like […]

Valve has Corrected Borderlands Steam Review Bombings

As one of their major promises last month, Valve swore to remove negative off-topic reviews from Steam, so users could no longer “review bomb” a game. Friday saw the first of Valve’s efforts to curb review bombs by clearing thousands of reviews off of the Borderlands series. Gearbox’s landmark franchise came under fire by fans […]

European Commission Demands Valve Stop Geo-Blocking Games

The European Commission “EC” has sent Statements of Objections to Valve and five game publishers demanding that they stop geo-blocking games. The statement of Objections sent to Valve is based on an investigation started by the EC back in 2013. The EC is alleging that the publishers and their distributors entered into agreements to include […]

Valve’s Latest Steam Link Update Allows Streaming From Anywhere

If you happen to be one of the people who own a Steam Link before it was discontinued by Valve, you just got an impressive update you’ll enjoy. The new update essentially allows players to use their service from practically anywhere. The primary conditions are what you might expect, the PC needs Steam and needs […]

Valve Will Be Investigating Epic Games Store’s Exploration of Steam Files

It appears there’s going to be a full-on war between Valve and Epic Games somewhere down the road, and this may be the second major shot to start it. Game Informer reported earlier today that the Epic Games Store has been taking a few extra files they shouldn’t be when you agree to a certain […]

Steam is Taking Action Against Off-Topic Reviews on Games

Much like Rotten Tomatoes has had to deal with, whenever a game is on the verge or debuting or crosses fans, people come in droves to Steam to kill the rating. Often this is done by people who don’t own the game and post in the “Off-Topic” review section. Up until now, those reviews were […]

Valve Removes Steam “Tributes” To New Zealand Shooter Suspect

If you ever needed to know how terrible of a society gamers can be, look no further than Steam this week as Valve had to remove a ton of content in wake of the New Zealand shootings. According to a report from Kotaku today, the company had to take action against over 100 profiles on […]

Steam Issues Statement on “Rape Day” Game, Will Not Be Released

A day after social media went after Valve for allowing a game called Rape Day on Steam, the platform issued a statement about the situation. The statement, which you can read below, is pretty brief and to the point, as the company has let fans know the game will not be released on their platform. […]

Valve Under Criticism For Allowing a Game Called “Rape Day” on Steam

A lot of people are questioning the approval system Valve currently uses today after a game called Rape Day made its way onto Steam. If you haven’t seen social media on this, Twitter basically exploded yesterday evening when several gamers found a new indie game in which you control a serial killer rapist during a zombie apocalypse. […]


Steam Awards Gives their Game of the Year Title to PUBG

The Steam Awards have announced the winners of the 2018 round, and in a surprising upset, their Game of the Year award went to PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds. Other nominees for the 2018 Game of the Year award included Monster Hunter: World, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Hitman 2, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. While several big name games from 2018 were […]

The 2018 Steam Awards Honored Only One Game Made in 2018

Well, that was a thing. The 2018 Steam Awards were announced earlier today, and they failed to do the one thing an awards show should do: honor the previous year’s games. As we’ve discussed earlier, every year the awards are voted on by the users of Steam, and usually, all they ever do is post […]

Team Fortress 2 YouTuber Returns After Faking His Own Death

Well-known Team Fortress 2 YouTuber Sketchek returned to his channel on Thursday after faking his death three years ago. Sketchek claimed in a 2015 farewell video that he had a problem with his central nervous system and was “very ill.” He went on to say that he could no longer afford to run his YouTube channel and that […]

Valve is Throwing a Steam Awards Show and We Don’t Know Why

If you’re a regular Steam user, then you’re used to Valve asking for yearly voting on games with awards that don’t really hold a ton of meaning to them. It’s basically a way for the company to measure engagement and hand out little trophies on Steam pages to games every year, and it really doesn’t […]