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Marvel’s Axel Alonso Addresses Harassment Of Valerie D’Orazio By Chris Sims

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool ran a number of Valerie D’Orazio‘s statements regarding Chris Sims in the light of the announcement of his X-Men ’92 series for Marvel Comics. We reached out to Sims, and published his response. Since then, the website that Sims is most identified with since he is a writer for them, […]

Valerie D’Orazio Accuses Chris Sims Of Past Cyber-Bullying

This has been a long time in the making. Today, Marvel released their solicits for June, including the Secret Wars title X-Men ’92 written by Chris Sims, his first official work for Marvel Comics. Sims, longtime Senior Writer at Comics Alliance, and comic book writer in his own right, has had a problem with fellow […]

Coming From Valerie D’Orazio – Edward Snowden, The Joker And A Marx Sister

I’ve been a fan of Valerie D’Orazio‘s writing since the days of her Occasional Superheroine blog. It wasn’t that it was just a vicious attack on the underbelly of comic books, calling out extreme sexism and sexual harassment long before such a thing was de rigeur. It was that the articles were just so well written, combining […]

Valerie D’Orazio To Write Biography Of Edward Snowden

Around ten years ago, Valerie D’Orazio was at the centre of controversy, after her essay Goodbye To Comics, in which she analysed an industry and culture that seemed to be on the brink of killing her, as well as alleging serious sexual assault by a senior editor at DC comics! where she worked. Over the […]

A Horrorthology Kickstarter With Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore, Cullen Bunn, Tim Seeley, Tom Taylor, Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion, Valerie D’Orazio And More – Oh And Rachel Deering

You’ll know the names. Mostly mid-level comic creators working for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW and the likes. But they all have loyal fanbases. And they are all contributing to a new anthology of horror comics, twenty creative teams, two hundred and fifty pages and an introduction from Scott Snyder, funded by Kickstarter. Which […]

Valerie D’Orazio Says Hello To Comics At MTV Geek

Bleeding Cool was the first to mention that MTV Geek existed. And that it officially existed. And that it had launched. And that it had officially launched. Now Bleeding Cool is the first to tell you that the new editor for the site is Valerie D’Orazio, who will be writing the MTV Geek Blog. With […]

Valerie D’Orazio And David Gallaher Talk Geek Love

Valerie D’Orazio has written a lot about comics and sex as part of Occasional Superheroine. But not really the kind of material one can, um, use on a journey to bring oneself to issue, as it were. More about abuse, threats, violence and internal injuries. Her boyfriend David Gallaher writes less about sex in High […]