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Austin Creed and Kenny Omega Have Laid the Groundwork for Awesome Possibilities

There’s something that Austin Creed (Xavier Woods in WWE) and Kenny Omega did at E3 that shouldn’t be ignored, yet so many have failed to see the awesome possibilities on. So let’s be very candid with each other when it comes to professional wrestling. There hasn’t been a time since the ’90s where two global […]

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Kenny Omega Reigns Victorious Over Austin Creed… in Street Fighter V

As reported earlier, The New Day and The Elite went head to head at this year’s E3 on the Capcom stage. The battle? To see who was better at Street Fighter V. Special sneak preview of the big @StreetFighter battle between The New Day & The Elite at #E3 later today! #FunkoE3 pic.twitter.com/KMDu4S1HQe — Funko […]

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Who Will Dominate at E3 2018? The New Day or The Elite?

BREAKING NEWS: We just spoke with @XavierWoodsPhD and @KennyOmegamanX and they've agreed to settle their #SFVAE feud in one week – June 14 during E3! pic.twitter.com/QolOVdzE9n — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) June 7, 2018 Because the universe is kind and dreams do come true, The Elite and The New Day will go head to head at […]

Up Up Down Down Launches New Retro Gaming Show with WWE Champion AJ Styles

WWE superstar Xavier Woods (otherwise known as Austin Creed) has created a YouTube empire with Up Up Down Down, a video gaming channel with more than 1.5 million subscribers. But Woods isn’t the only superstar known for his penchant for video games, and now, WWE Champion AJ Styles is joining the channel with his own […]

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Will Have Team Battles

We’re big fans of Up Up Down Down, and it was really awesome to find out some exclusive news about Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition through the show. What’s this magical big news you may ask? This version of the game will have team battles! From 2-v-2 up to 5-v-5, which was demonstrated on the […]