Twitter Berates BAFTA For Stupid Olivia Colman Snub, And Rightly So

I intended to file this story after my previous BAFTA post, but the day got away with me. Still, while I've been detained, things have only stepped up a gear. Missing conspicuously from this year's BAFTA nominations was Olivia Colman, the female lead in Tyrannosaur, and probably best known for her TV work with Mitchell […]

Some Really Great Films Won At The British Independent Film Awards

Going into tonight's British Independent Film Awards, Shame, Tyrannosaur and Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy were leading the pack with seven nominations apiece. Coming out… not so even anymore. So, from the BIFA press release, if you'll pardon the SHOUTY formatting. BEST BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM – TYRANNOSAUR BEST DIRECTOR – Lynne Ramsay – WE NEED TO […]

Exclusive Interview With Olivia Colman: Arrietty, Tyrannosaur And More

If you have even a smidgen of taste in comedy then you'll already be familiar with Olivia Colman, who played Mark's on-off (mostly off) girlfriend in Peep Show, PC Doris Thatcher in Hot Fuzz and harassed mum-of-many Harriet Schulenberg in Green Wing. Lately, however, Colman's career has begun to move into more serious drama with […]

Paddy Considine To Write And Direct The Leaning, Last Years Of The Locust

Paddy Considine is currently at Sundance for the premiere of his feature-length directorial debut, Tyrannosaur. The film is proving to be a critical hit, and a number of exciting, positive reviews have popped up. While Total Film haven't published their verdict on the film yet, they have, however, scraped their Considine interview for newsy quotes, and […]

Peter Mullan Writing A Screenplay Set In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina

Our next exposure to the work of actor-writer-director Peter Mullan will be NEDS, his third feature as director after Orphans and The Magdalene Sisters. It's a period gang drama about Glasgow juvenile delinquents, and looks to be extremely potent stuff. The Telegraph have spoken to Mullan about the film, and I'll recommend you read their […]