Ninja Slams Twitch Over Alinity Cat-Throwing Incident

It’s weird to see TwitchCon 2019 happening without Ninja involved, but that’s where we’re at, and after this week, probably never again. Earlier this year, the Fortnite player bailed on the social streaming platform for Mixer, which came with its own turmoil as adult ads suddenly found their way to his former channel. Aside from […]

Twitch Launches A Redesign To Kick Off TwitchCon 2019

Twitch Unveils Improvements & 2020 Dates During TwitchCon 2019

During this evening’s Opening Ceremonies for TwitchCon 2019, Twitch reps revealed a lot of new improvements coming to the platform. First and foremost, TwitchCon 2020, the European event will take place in Amsterdam from May 2nd-3rd, 2020, while the North American version returns to San Diego from September 25th-27th, 2020.  As for the features coming […]

Twitch Launches A Redesign To Kick Off TwitchCon 2019

Twitch Launches A Redesign To Kick Off TwitchCon 2019

Twitch decided to kick off TwitchCon 2019 by revealing a brand new redesign today on both their branding and the platform itself. For starters, as you can see here, the company changed the color palette to a new brighter purple to match what they refer to as “the vibrant energy of the community”. There will […]

"Broomstick League" Will Debut At TwitchCon 2019

“Broomstick League” Will Debut At TwitchCon 2019

Have you ever wondered what would happen in Rocket League managed to get the Harry Potter license? it would probably be Broomstick League. Blue Isle Studios is bringing the game to TwitchCon 2019 this weekend for people to try out for the first time, as you get to experience 3-v-3 air combat soccer. It also […]

“Mistover” Will Have A Presence At TwitchCon 2019

KRAFTON Game Union announced this week that they will be bringing their latest game, Mistover, to TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego this month. The company released a new trailer this week along with the news that the game will be released on October 10th, 2019. On top of that, they will be at booth #1364 […]

Twitch Announces TwitchCon North America Tickets Now On Sale

Twitch Announces TwitchCon North America Tickets Now On Sale

Twitch officially announced this week that tickets have now gone on sale for TwitchCon 2019 North America taking place this September in San Diego. Some of the participating sections include Loot Cave, Artist Alley, a Cosplay contest, and Twitch Rivals: Road to TwitchCon live tournament. On top of that, TwitchCon Charity Plaza will be returning […]

Twitch Sings is Now Available to Play for PC Worldwide

Twitch Sings is Now Available to Play for PC Worldwide

During Twitch Con Europe in Berlin today, Twitch CEO Emmet Shear officially announced that Twitch Sings is now available for PC. This is a live karaoke experience you can stream on your channel or just play for fun as you’re trying to hit the right note popular songs licensed through their library. Players interested in […]

Twitch Heads Back to San Diego For TwitchCon 2019

Twitch has officially released the dates for the North American version of TwitchCon 2019, confirming that the event is returning to San Diego this year. It’s been a few years since the convention was held in the city, going back to 2016, but the con will take place in the San Diego Convention Center from […]

Twitch Officially Announces a European Expansion to TwitchCon

Good news for European Twitch streamers this week, as Twitch announced today they’ll be expanding to Europe with a second event. The social streaming platform will be giving European streamers an easier time getting to a con by providing one of their own, which they’ve dubbed TwitchCon Europe, and it will take place in Berlin, Germany in April from […]

Twitch Speedrunner mmDust Sparks Online Anger from TwitchCon Comment

So if you’re a streamer on Twitch, it goes without saying part of your success relies on getting viewers. The last thing you should do is push them away. That’s the lesson that professional speedrunner Michael “mmDust” Duarte may be learning shortly after some comments he made at TwitchCon this weekend. During a panel called […]

Twitch Addresses the Long Lines at This Year’s TwitchCon

If you happened to be watching Twitch today for any live coverage of TwitchCon, chances are you could swear you saw the same thing on every channel. Opening day of the event saw massive long lines to get into the event, which, of course, nearly every single Twitch streamer decided to go onto their feeds […]

Twitch and Harmonix Reveal Twitch Sings at TwitchCon

During TwitchCon today, both Harmonix and Twitch revealed a brand new interactive karaoke service called Twitch Sings. The concept itself is pretty simplistic as the streamer will be able to basically do live karaoke on their feed with the lyrics and generic muzak versions of songs playing underneath, while the chat room will be challenging […]

SEGA Announces Their TwitchCon 2018 Lineup

Another studio is making TwitchCon feel like a major gaming event beyond the streaming content as SEGA announces their plans for the event. Some of the games on tap for their booth will be Rome II, Total War: Warhammer II, Two Point Hospital, and Total War: Three Kingdoms. You can check them out all three […]


Hunt: Showdown Will Reveal New Content at TwitchCon

It appears TwitchCon will start becoming a home for content reveals, starting with some brand new additions to Hunt: Showdown. Crytek will be showing off a new map at the event, taking place between October 26th-28th, which will be called Lawson Delta. The fictional town will be set in post-Civil War Louisiana, as you can see from […]

TwitchCon Announces Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Esports Events

This morning, Twitch announced the latest set of Esports events happening at TwitchCon 2018, along with exhibitors and sponsors. We have the brief list of events for you to check out below, but it’s looking more like TwitchCon is turning into its own gaming convention year by year. You can check out the full list […]

TwitchCon Sends Out Noticed About This Year’s Safety Measures

Conventions are still reeling from the events that took place in Jacksonville back in August, and TwitchCon is the latest to address security. The company sent out an email notice letting attendees know about their weapons policy as well as making it clear that everyone will be subject to bag searches and screenings. We can’t […]

This Year’s TwitchCon Will be Hosting the Doritos Bowl 2018

Another event has been added to this year’s TwitchCon in San Jose, but this one has the makings for some awesome streaming as the Doritos Bowl 2018 will arrive. The event will be centered around the new battle royale mode for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 called Blackout, which is already receiving massive praise from […]

Twitch Announces Full Panel List for TwitchCon 2018

We now have a better idea of what to expect as far as panels go at TwitchCon 2018 as Twitch revealed the first batch this week. While the list doesn’t include who will be on the panels, it does give a pretty good idea of the kind of content they plan to include as part […]

Twitch Announces Tickets Are Now Available for TwitchCon 2018

Yesterday, Twitch officially announced that tickets have gone on sale for TwitchCon 2018, which this year will be held in San Jose, California. The San Jose McEnery Convention Center will play host from October 26th-28th, which will include the usual cavalcade of streamers, tournaments, vendors, and other activities. Right now, the three-day package will run you […]

Twitch Announce TwitchCon 2018 Will Return To San Jose

Today, Twitch formally announced that their annual convention TwitchCon will be returning from October 26th-28th, and that it will be located at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. After spreading their wings a bit in Long Beach last year, the company will bring the con closer to their home base of San […]