Neil Gaiman: ‘Good Omens’ TV Series May Not Look The Way You Think, And That’s OK

Less than 24 hours after the announcement that Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex, Frost/Nixon) and David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) had been cast as the leads in Amazon’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s humor-fantasy novel Good Omens, Gaiman took to his Tumblr account on Tuesday to begin managing fan expectations as the series ramps […]

Post NYCC – Prism Comics Presents: Autobio In Queer Comics

By Joe Glass I have to start this piece with an apology: when I sat in on this panel, I found myself suffering complete technical failure. It seems in Room 1A01 it is a complete deadzone for the internet. Whilst the shocking uselessness of the complimentary WiFi provided by ‘LexCorp’ was a common topic of […]

All Of Cerebus, All For Free, All On Tumblr, All With Permission

Cerebus is one of the greatest comic book works in the history of humanity. Initially a funny animal parody of Conan The Barbarian, it became a comic about politics, religion, life and death. And parodying anything that geek and pop culture was obsessed with along the way. Running for 300 issues, for twenty-five years, it is […]

Fans Of Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club Must Now Go Without

Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club is a webcomic by longstanding webcomic creators, Katie O’Neill and Toril Orlesky, taking place amongst voice actors working in animation, and set in Japan. Or rather, “was”. Because it attracted criticism. Such as, Anonymous asked: God damn this is why I hate it when ignorant white people like you try to make stuff about […]

A New Comic Book Series Starring Jean Grey To Be Announced In A Couple Of Months?

Maybe she’ll get a better code name as well, since everyone decided that Marvel Girl was just  bit terrible sometime in the eighties. But All-New X-Men writer Brian Bendis has been hinting for some time that he’d like to see an ongoing Jean Grey series. Well, Bleeding Cool sources that have proved fairly reliable in the past, […]

What Every Retailer Needs To Know About Ordering Teen Dog – Thug Pug!

Boom’s newest imprint, Boom Box has been the home of comics like Lumberjanes and the upcoming Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo collection. It seems to have the company mission statement to bring Tumblr into comic shops, something Boom also managed with Adventure Time and Bee & PuppyCat. And I’ve spent a little while pointing out such moves to retailer who may […]

Tales From The Four Color Closet – Talking With James Tynion IV

By Joe Glass James Tynion IV has had a great time of it for his comics career. Between starting his career straight on Batman, co-writing back-up features with superstar writer Scott Snyder, he then moved onto a series of New 52 titles including Talon, Red Hood and the Outlaws and now is one of the […]

Find Out More About Ultimate Comics, Post Cataclysm, This Friday

Sometimes this job is easy. Okay, it can mean several conversations with sources, company reps, the Bleeding Cool lawyers, my editor-in-chief ans a variety of advisers. And sometimes it’s just going to Brian Bendis‘ Tumblr and going CTRL-C and CTRL V. Like today. demonsee Q:Will there be more than one survivor of Ultimate Cataclysm? find […]

Lea Hernandez Interprets The Harley Quinn Script

Late Night Fun…. Lea Hernandez on her DivaLea tumblr posted this image of a “naked” Harley Quinn with a toaster and a bathtub… and make sure you check out her latest work at the Garlicks.    

How Young Avengers Got Its Squee Back – MASSIVE SPOILERS For #8

I tell you now. There will be major, massive spoilers in this article for Young Avengers #8. Simply because the only way to explain how Young Avengers got its squee back is to show you. I’ve debated with myself for whole minutes over this and there is no other way. It is possible that, like […]

All Your Tumblr Are Belong To Yahoo

So Yahoo is buying Tumblr for over a billion dollars. The micro-blogging network sometimes seemingly to be supported by pure feels, is deemed worth that amount by Yahoo, a company which, well, sorry can anyone remind me what Yahoo do these days? I seem to have forgotten. So well done Tumblrers, showing us how much […]

My Favourite Images From The Hawkeye Initiative – And One Of My Own

We mentioned this ysterday, a social media-driven satire on the portrayal of women in comic books with people redrawiing certain scenes recast with Hawkeye. Just because. Here are a few of my favourites… and I just had to do one of my own with a famous Emma Frost image from New X-Men, didn’t I?   […]

Tumblr Gently Weeps For Journey Into Mystery

I was sitting in the pub a few weeks ago with Kieron Gillen. As he reminded me that for the last few issues of Journey Into Mystery he would be able to hear the weeping all over fandom. I’m not a fan of spoilers (honest, I’m not!) so I asked no more. And then I […]