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Mondo Heads to Thought Bubble with Exclusive Poster for "The Handmaiden"

Tula Lotay’s “The Handmaiden” Poster for Mondo on Sale Tomorrow

Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival, the UK’s premiere comic art convention, completed its run in the Harrogate Convention Center in Leeds this weekend. Mondo has a big day of announcements today including the vinyl equivalent of a flat file sale, Rick and Morty toys in both a Mondo exclusive and regular version, and the on-sale […]

Mondo Heads to Thought Bubble with Exclusive Poster for "The Handmaiden"

Mondo Heads to Thought Bubble with Exclusive Poster for “The Handmaiden”

Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival is the largest convention in the UK dedicated to celebrating comic arts. Founded by comic artist Tula Lotay, best known for her illustrative style used to full effect on Warren Ellis’ comic Supreme: Blue Rose, it started as a single-day event in Leeds and has blossomed into a festival week […]

Black Mask Sells Out… of Copies of Devil Within #1

Normally, “selling out” would be one of the worst things that could happen to a publisher with a punk rock ethos like Black Mask Studios, but in this one exceptional instance, fans can perhaps find a way to be understanding. That’s because Black Mask has sold out of Devil Within #1 by Stephanie Philips and […]

Gail Simone’s Commentary For Swords Of Sorrow #6

Writer and event architect Gail Simone has done up a commentary for the final issue of the Swords of Sorrow series: Before I get into the meat of this issue, I just wanted to give some thanks to artist Sergio Davila, who did such an amazing job on this impossible assignment. He had to draw […]

Warren Ellis And Tula Lotay’s New Comic To Be Announced At Image Expo

Amongst a number of entertaining announcements, Warren Ellis confirmed in his regular newsletter that his upcoming comic book project with Tula Lotay, his collaborator on Supreme: Blue Rose, will be announced at Image Comics Expo in July. He’s a busy boy of late, showing off a page from Trees #11, my favourite comics work of […]

An Inside Look At The Making Of Rebels From Co-Creator Andrea Mutti

Rebels, the new Vermont-set story of the American Revolution written by Brian Wood, drawn by Andrea Mutti, with colors by Jordie Bellaire and covers by Tula Lotay, arrives on April 8th. Its approach seems to fill the comics scene with an approaching crescendo of drums–and the knowledge that we are about to encounter something rather […]

Warren Ellis To Co-Write Captain Marvel In February And March

Totally missed this before. But so did other folk, it seems. In a CBR interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick, and confirmed in Warren Ellis‘ newsletter, Warren Ellis will be joining issues 12 and 13 of Captain Marvel as co-writer with DeConnick. I also wanted to mention that I’m co-writing issues #12 and #13 with Warren Ellis. Warren […]

Image Comics – The Artists At Thought Bubble #TBF14

Image Comics were at Thought Bubble en force this year. So they needed two panels of show off the writers and artists they’d brought to the UK’s finest comic con amidst the mist of Leeds docklands… To a packed room. Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson first presented a panel of artists, Lisa Wood (Tula Lotay), Jamie […]

Tula Lotay Working With Warren Ellis On A Comic Project To Follow Supreme

Lisa Wood is the director of Thought Bubble, the comics art festival currently taking place in Leeds. As Tula Lotay, she is also the artist on Supreme: Blue Rose written by Warren Ellis. Which is why she was persuaded, on the door, by Image publisher Eric Stephenson to join them on the Image artist panel. […]