trump’s titans

Trump's Titans

Trump’s Titans Gets Collected in March from Keenspot

We’re only what feels like 17 years into Donald Trump‘s landmark presidency, and it already feels like we’re becoming just a tad bit oversaturated. Trump is constantly the subject of our 24-hour cable news channels, our late night talk shows, our satirical comedy, our video games, our movies, and even our clickbait comic book news […]

trump's titans

A New Comic Called ‘Trump’s Titans’ Is Some Kind Of Parody, But Of What, And Why?

With little fanfare, a new comic book series hit Comixology today, but it’s not likely to stay under the radar for long. Trump’s Titans, published by Keenspot Comics, bills itself as “unbelievable presidential parody,” but if you’re looking for biting satire, that doesn’t appear to be what the book has to offer. Arguably, the barely hidden […]