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Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh #79: Daddy Issues Again?

‘Tis the week before Christmas, and the ‘toons are all about the TRON LEGACY. Probably staying home from the movies at I’ve begun the official LOOK!  IT MOVES! twitter feed.  Follow me at for thoughts and snark on media and pop culture, stuff for future columns and stuff I may never spend a […]

Joseph Kosiniski Interview – Five Things About TRON: Legacy

A couple of weeks back, director Joseph Kosinski and I sat down for a nice, meaty chat about his debut feature, TRON: Legacy. Here are Five Things he told me about the film and his approach to the material. Enjoy. Developing the Story When in first talked to Sean Bailey three years ago, [screenwriters] Adam and […]

Nokia Viral Leads To New TRON: Legacy Trailer

If I told you that the latest TRON: Legacy trailer was hidden away as part of a Nokia viral, then I bet you’d take that one step ahead and start to expect a certain mobile phone manufacturer to get some product placement. You’d be right. Thanks to Little Bleeder ‘Geoff Jeff’ for the tip-off.

New TRON: Legacy Trailer Finally Skews Plotwards

The latest TRON: Legacy trailer is undoubtedly the best yet – I hope that doesn’t also mean it’s the most misrepresentative. For once, though, the score isn’t the most interesting thing in the promo. I think the redoubled focus on Kevin Flynn is doing them a world of good. Of course, there’s a load of […]

I Saw The TRON Night Footage And Now I’m Going To Tell You About It

The following is by no means a review, though I have tried to think critically. Consider it my personal reflection. The collection of clips compiled for today’s TRON Night preview add up to 23 minutes and 49 seconds. Don’t worry, I didn’t take a stop watch, I read this fact on the BBFC website. Perhaps […]

New TRON: Legacy Clips Shows Us Some Lighttumbler In Action

If those two-wheeled things are Lightcycles, then I assume this clip shows a Lightcar. It is a bit like Batman’s Tumbler, though, so maybe I should coin Lighttumbler instead. I can’t comment on this clip too much at the moment – being under embargo and all – but my full reaction to the TRON Night […]

VIDEO: Daft Punk’s Derezzed From TRON: Legacy

Footage from TRON: Legacy, the odd bit of dialogue and a whole load of Daft Punk. If I’m not very much mistaken that’s our first proper listen at that track, Derezzed. Daft Punkers (Daft Punkies?) will be overjoyed. I’m off to see the TRON Night footage tomorrow and I’ll be reporting back. We’re also being […]

Swipe File: New Tron Poster And Old Tron Poster

Forget the similarities, let’s break down the differences between this new poster for TRON: Legacy and the old poster for the original TRON. Well, he’s a bit more humanised, and she’s more clearly showing the shape of her breast and bottom. There’s a loud echo of post iPod, Jony Ives-derived style in the new one […]

Bleeding Cool Goes Head To Head With TRON: Evolution

Melinda Seckington writes for Bleeding Cool: Last Friday I got the chance to go to Disney’s TRON: Evolution day, a press event showing the new game and bits of the Legacy movie. There was first a short presentation explaining what TRON was about and showing who the different characters and actors were (just in case […]

How You Can Book NOW For TRON Night – 23 Minutes Of The Film For Free

Disney have announced TRON Night, their version of last year’s Avatar Day preview event. On October 28th they’ll be screening 23 minutes of TRON Legacy, for free, in cinemas around the world. Here are details of screenings in the US, Canada and the UK – and the UK sittings are booking now, so keep reading […]

All The Tron Concept Art You Could Shake A Glowing Disc At

Who needs words when you’ve got more Tron: Legacy concept art than is publicly decent? These can all be clicked up to huge size, and they’re all labelled, many of them signed. I think it’s true to say the look of the Tron films is where a lot of their appeal lies. Tron: Legacy is […]

Tuesday Rushes – Blood Stains, Fake Magic, Super’s Sale And More

Here’s a whole gravel pit of smaller stories, with a few bigger chunks tossed in for good measure. I was suffering somewhat yesterday, so I start today playing catch up. But catch up we will, beginning right now. And it’s always good to have somewhere for the fiddly stuff I just couldn’t crack over the […]

Groovy Tron Legacy Easter Egg

This ASCII art image of the young Kevin Flynn lurks in the source code of the new Tron Legacy Soundtrack website. The ghost in the machine. Well played, marketeers. It’s always nice to see Jeff, even when he’s made out of long character strings and has a cheesy grin. Via TechCrunch.

Tron Legacy Footage And New Quorra Banner Are Here

The Tron YouTube account has today been updated with a new video clip. Hosted by Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund, it showcases just the sort of trailer footage we’ve been seeing loads of over the last few months. It all looks the same in Tronland, so you’ll have to excuse me if every last second […]

Concept Art For Disney’s Live Tron Show, ElecTRONica

From October 8th, after dark visitors to Disney’s California Adventure will be able to partake of a new Tron-themed experience called ElecTRONica. What will it be? A lot of standing around while glowing things glow at you, by the look of it. I think I’m missing something… maybe it’s a sense of fun? Here are two […]

New Tron Poster Gives Jeff Bridges His Spot In The Neon Sun

I hold the first Tron dear as a film that had a unique aesthetic and a lot of ambition and heart. Some of that appears to have been lost on the way to Tron Legacy, but I’m hopeful this second installment will make up for its losses with better storytelling and a touch more coherence. […]