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Hot Toys Neon Armor Tech Iron Man 5

Iron Man Gets a Tron-Inspired Look from Hot Toys

Iron Man is getting a convention exclusive release from Hot Toys. Available this summer at CCG 2018 and their flagship store at Shanghai Disney, this version of Tony will feature a design straight out of Tron Legacy with all kinds of LED light-up effects in the armor in using reflective patterns. Plenty of swappable parts and […]

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Let’s Take a Look at the LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy Set

Tron and LEGO go together like peanut butter and chocolate (sorry, I hate jelly). So when the LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy set was first shown, I got excited — but didn’t get my hopes up that it would actually come to fruition. I loved Tron: Legacy; I thought it succeeded on every level. Well, maybe not […]

Tron: Legacy Lightcycles Come to LEGO on March 31

Tron: Legacy lightcycles are on their way from LEGO and the LEGO Ideas group. As announced last year, the set met all requirements of the program, and will see release on March 31. We now have official box images, along with a look at the set itself. The cycles look amazing, and I love that […]

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LEGO Ideas Announces That The Tron Legacy Light Cycle Is Approved!

LEGO has approved the Tron Legacy Light Cycle set. The set reached the 10,000 supporters plateau required and was approved by the LEGO Ideas in an announcement video earlier in the day today. There were 11 projects that met the 10,000 supporters requirement. Personally, I wish that The Office had won, as that is my […]

Flynn’s Arcade Has Pinball: TRON Pinball

TRON was the first modern machine we ever had in my house. I’ve been lucky enough to play a number of variations of the game, and I honestly think this is one of Stern’s finer machines. Created in 2011, there are 4 editions of the machine as well as a limited edition. Each edition comes […]

First Look At The Cannes Line-Up: The Films In Competition

What will be joining David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis in the competition for a Palm D’or at Cannes this year? The full list of eligible films has been revealed this morning. Here they are, in alphabetical order by… um… auteur. “Rust and Bone” – dir. Jacques Audiard “Moonrise Kingdom” – dir. Wes Anderson “Holy Motors” – dir. […]

Brief Teaser For Tron: Uprising

As premiered during the first episode of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD, here’s a new, supershort, teaser for Tron: Uprising. Tron is looking for the next Tron? Sounds a bit “I’m Spartacus and so is my wife.” In a good way. Fight the power, little computer people.

Aliens In Their Eyes – First Teaser For The Host

In The Host, human bodies are infiltrated by alien parasites. As a result, we all become squeaky clean and placid. It’s an invasion of The Body Snatchers idea. And as you can see in this first teaser, it all plays out in the eyes. That music has a bit of a Tron: Legacy thing going […]

Tron Himself Says Third Film Is “Done Deal” And “Already In The Works”

I’ve probably been less sceptical about the chances of seeing a third Tron than a second Sin City, but consider me tickled that today brought omens of both of these sometime long-shots being real, in-development films that are coming our way. Here’s a very short video of Bruce Boxleitner, the man who was Tron, fielding fan questions about […]

VIDEO: Another Tron Legacy DVD And Blu-ray Easter Egg

Ed Dillinger senior and junior are scheming. See some of what they’re up to in this video clip. [youtube][/youtube] If there’s ever a Tron 3 (ie. if Tron Legacy sells more DVDs and Blu-rays than is frankly realistic) then its plot roots could likely be traced back through this easter egg, from the upcoming Legacy disc. […]

New Live-Action TRON Is Here Already, As Legacy Epilogue Arrives Online

We were told that the new TRON: Legacy Blu-ray and DVD would include some kind teaser trailer for an upcoming third film. This, as it happens, was not strictly true but there is new content on the disc, in the form of an easter egg epilogue or two. Rocking up on YouTube today is some […]

TRON: Legacy Remix Album On The Way?

A new page at Amazon reveals the existence of a second Tron: Legacy soundtrack album of some kind. According to the listing, Tron: Legacy Reconfigured will feature “various” artists. This may just be placeholder info, though, and my hunch is that this will actually be a remix album of some kind, something that will see […]