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DC Comics Cancels Green Team Teen Trillionaires Collection Permanently.

The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires didn't exactly sell well. Indeed, it sold really badly. Shame because it was actually a decent superhero comic. Still, that is not enough in this market, even when it left on a massive cliffhanger which, I understand, will be followed up in Teen Titans. But it looks like readers won't […]

Check Your Walking Dead Vol 17 Trade Paperback

Did you buy The Walking Dead Vol 17 in trade paperback this week? You might want to check you got all you were expecting. There are a number of reports of misprinted volumes with the last chapter, 102, replaced with a repeat of chapter 101. Now, 101 is a very good issue of the comic. […]

Marvel Hardcovers And Trade Paperbacks About To Go Out Of Print

Marvel have issued a list of hardcover and trade paperbacks they are expecting to go out of print shortly. This gives retailers a chance to stock up for a final time (for now) and, of course, allows speculators load up on books that will suddenly be a whole lot rarer, with an increased price to […]