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More Shots From Toy Story’s Small Fry Short

Already playing in US cinemas ahead of The Muppets, the latest Toy Story Short is still a promise of the distant future for me. Disney have released a series of new images from the film, featuring Buzzes both lofty and stunted, some via press releases, some via the Toy Story Facebook page. Roll on February […]

When Mini-Buzz Lightyear Met Mini-Zurg

The new Toy Story short, Small Fry, will be playing in American cinemas today,* just ahead of the second coming of Kermit.** This image comes from the Toy Story Facebook page. *By today I mean Wednesday 23rd. Which it is in the UK. So, today. Even though I’m talking about the US. **Okay, not second, […]

First Image And Details Of Toy Story: Small Fry

They’re back. Running before The Muppets (not sure what that is, sounds like it has something to do with puppets) is a new Toy Story Short, following on from the splendid Hawaiian Vacation. This time, the film is called Small Fry and when I show you a still from it, you’ll see why. How very […]

The Next Toy Story Short Is Small Fry – UPDATED With Plot Details, More

We can look forward to the next Toy Story Short, of the three in this “first wave”, to play before The Muppets. In the US, that means at Thanksgiving; in the UK that means the cruel, distant iciness of February. Why must we wait so long? Now. Ahead of the weekend’s D23 fan expo, the […]