top cat

Yes, Dan DiDio Has Turned Top Cat Into Howard The Duck – And He Knows It

We ran a piece yesterday looking at the DC Comics reinvention of Top Cat by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio and Phil Winslade. In which a Top Cat and Benny The Ball from a fully cat-anthropomorphic world escape into the DC Universe and bump into Batman. I read comments that this was very familiar territory, to […]

Top Cat Trailer Courtesy Of Mexico

I was never sure exactly why a policeman was allowed to spend so much of his time obsessed with the affairs of a cat. Maybe this film will help clarify things a little. Thank you Mexico.

Full 3D Trailer For The Mexican Top Cat Movie

YouTube’s range of 3D viewing options don’t quite have something for everyone, but there’s still plenty. Several of the systems don’t even require glasses, at least if you’re good enough at crossing your eyes. Which apparently I’m not because, tonight, I’m not managing to see the Don Gato trailer in 3D at all. Boo. Hiss. […]

New Top Cat 3D Movie Comes Out Of Nowhere

Did you know there was a big screen version of Hanna Barbera’s Top Cat in the works? That it was going to be in 3D? That it is due for release in September? A Little Bleeder supplied me with these two posters for the film. If you look, you can see that the movie will […]