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Iron Spider Is Ready for His Final Battle with New S.H. Figuarts Figure

Iron Spider Is Ready for His Final Battle with New S.H. Figuarts Figure

Iron Spider’s return in Avengers: Endgame brought a tear to the eye of many fans. We were all excited to see Peter Parker return as Spider-Man once again. The Iron Spider suit that Tony Stark made and we saw in Avengers: Infinity War is definitely something special. You can bring that Iron Spider suit home […]

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Iron Man Blasts on in with New S.H. Figuarts Figure 

Iron Man sacrificed a great deal to make the galaxy complete once again. We will be forever in his debt and we will always love him 3000. So one of the best ways to honor him is to buy his collectibles. The newest figure memorizing Iron Man is the newest S.H. Figuarts figure. The figure […]

Iron Man Makes His Last Stand with New Nendoroid Figure

Iron Man Makes His Last Stand with New Nendoroid Figure

Iron Man had his final stand in Avengers: Endgame was not only heart touching but a tear-jerker. If you want to remember that iconic moment but with a smaller and cuter version of Tony Stark then look no further. Good Smile Company has announced a new Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 85 figure. This Nendoroid figure is based […]

Will (SPOILER)'s Death Have Consequences? Teen Titans #30 Preview

Iron Man Meddles in Teenage Romance in Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9 [Spoilers]

Iron Man is known as a futurist, and also a busybody, always interfering in the affairs of the world, believing he knows best. One prime example of that was during Avengers vs. X-Men, when the Avengers invaded the sovereign nation of Utopia demanding the X-Men hand over a teenager for crimes she might commit in […]

Hot Toys Celebrates Their 500th Creation with Iron Man Mark VII

Hot Toys Celebrates Their 500th Creation with Iron Man Mark VII

Hot Toys are really hitting it big as they celebrate their 500th creation. And to celebrate they have released final photos as well as details for their upcoming Iron Man mark seven from the avengers. This figure is nothing but a Complete masterpiece. This 16 scale figure stands about 12.5 inches and is highly detailed […]

Now Christos Gage Joins Dan Slott on Tony Stark: Iron Man

Now Christos Gage Joins Dan Slott on Tony Stark: Iron Man

A few more changes between solicitation and publication for Marvel Comics. Tony Stark: Iron Man #17 was solicited as written by Dan Slott and Jim Zub, and drawn by Valerio Schiti.  Well, Slott remains, but the rest are changed. it is now co-written by Slott and Christos Gage, who has worked with Slott before on […]

Robert Downey Jr.’s “Iron Man” Memorialized as a Statue in Italy

For artist Daniele Basso, Avengers: Endgame had such a profound impact, he felt the need to honor one of the team’s greatest heroes in Tony Stark’s Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), who made the ultimate sacrifice snapping his fingers to defeat the forces of Thanos (Josh Brolin). With Stark’s snap cost him his life. Basso […]

Tony Stark Iron Man #15 [Preview]

Tony Stark’s Shocking Revelation in Iron Man #15 [Preview]

Tony Stark Iron Man #15 hits stores next week from Marvel Comics, by Dan Slott, Jim Zub, and Juanan Ramirez, and it sees Tony Stark face justice in court for the effects of his eScape technology. But Stark is dealing with an internal crisis as well, both struggling with a relapse to alcoholism while in […]

MCU Fans- You Can Now Own Proof Tony Stark Has a Heart

MCU Fans- You Can Now Own Proof Tony Stark Has a Heart

Tony Stark fans, you can now honor your favorite fallen hero with a pretty darn sweet collectible. Hot Toys have revealed a new Arc Reactor life size replica, the same one Pepper Potts gave Tony in the first Iron Man film. As one of the most iconic items in the MCU, this reactor has two […]

Joe Russo on That ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Aural Easter Egg

Just in case you HAVEN’T seen Avengers: Endgame yet, you may not want to read any further, as there are spoilers herein. While yes, there are no post-credit tags included on Avengers: Endgame, you should still TOTALLY stay and watch the full credits, because it’s a way to honor those thousands of people who used their […]

That Tony, Steve "Do You Trust Me" Scene May NOT be in 'Avengers: Endgame'

That Tony, Steve “Do You Trust Me” Scene May NOT be in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

We do appreciate when films and studios chose to cut trailers with footage that maybe we’re not going to see in the resulting picture. Case in point, the most recent 1-minute trailer released for Avengers: Endgame that was released to coincide with ticket sales launching for the 22nd Marvel Studios live-action film. There is a particular […]

Revoltech Iron Man Figure 9

Iron Man is the Newest Marvel Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Figure

The latest in the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech line of figures to be revealed is Iron Man. The Bleeding Edge armor figure will come with three pairs of hands, six repulsor ray blasts, eight large and four small flaps, two laser blades, two wings, three sets of missile blasts, and 37 points of articulation. Whew, that […]

NASA Gives Marvel Studios Advice on Rescuing Tony Stark

We assume by now you’ve seen the official teaser for Marvel Studios’ FINALLY TITLED Avengers: Endgame. If you haven’t, you can see that here, because this post will make absolutely no sense to you until you have. In the teaser, we see Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) alone in space, theoretically soon after the events of Avengers: […]

Winter Soldier #1 Review: Bucky’s Got a Brand New (Boring) Bag

SUMMARY: Writer: Kyle Higgins, Artist: Rod Reis, Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles,Associate Editor: Alanna Smith, Editor Tom Brevoort, Varant Covers: Bill Sienkiewicz; Butch Guice & Frank D’Armata, Publisher: Marvel Comics, Release Date: Out Now, Price: $3.99. This new Winter Soldier mini (by my count the sixth WS series in the last 7 years) seems focused on […]

Stark Unlimited is the New Apple in Next Week’s Tony Stark Iron Man #6

Move over, Apple! There’s a hot new device in town that people are lining up around the block for, and it’s not an iPad or an iPhone! Instead, it’s Tony Stark’s new eScape device, which allows people to escape their boring lives and enter a virtual reality world full of danger and adventure. What could possibly […]

Hot Toys MCU 10th Anniversary Concept Iron Man 13

Hot Toys Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Concept Iron Man Coming Soon

Hot Toys Marvel collectors have yet another Iron Man to add to their shelves. The MCU 10th anniversary concept Iron Man figure will release at an undisclosed time before the end of the year, and will feature multiple points of LED lighting, over 30 points of articulation, many pairs of interchangeable hands and armor pieces, […]

One 12 Collective Mark 42 Iron Man 7

Iron Man Model 42 Armor Coming in November From One:12 Collective

Iron Man Mark 42 is the latest revealed One:12 Collective figure from Mezco Toyz. Shipping in November, Tony will come with six interchangeable hands, light-up parts, missiles, repulsor beams, chest parts, metal parts on the armor, and a magnificent sculpt and paint job. He will also come with a display base and pole for flight […]

`Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 cover by Alexander Lozano

Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 Review – Flawed but Fun

Sorry for the lateness of this review. San Diego Comic Con kept us here at Bleeding Cool preoccupied all weekend. We open with Colonel James Rhodes waking up from night terrors about his bad experiences in the War Machine armor. It’s followed by the beginning of a new day at Stark Unlimited. Tony Stark is […]