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“The Hunger”: A Feast for the Eyes, Not Much for the Brain (Neon Cinema)

in 1983, Tony Scott whipped up a delectable dish of a vampire flick in The Hunger, which he dropped onto the plates of hungry horror fans everywhere. The movie brought a bold new twist on the tired old vampire mythos of the time— The Hunger was new-wave sexy, eclectic, and oddly original. It was also incredibly […]

“Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy” is the Craziest Action Movie of the Year

“Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy” is the Craziest Action Movie of the Year

One thing I miss about Hong Kong action movies is their sheer craziness. They used to be the most creative and unpredictable in the world. The best Hong Kong action movies used to leave us in awe for their sheer bat-shit craziness. At last, one has come along after a long drought. Line Walker 2: […]

Let’s Talk About “The Hunger” On it’s 35th Anniversary

The late Tony Scott‘s second directorial feature film The Hunger opened 35 years ago today, on April 29th in 1983. Still spoken about as a masterpiece of the vampire genre, the moody and dark horror romance holds up. Starring Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie, the film is a very lose adaptation of Whitley Striber‘s 1981 novel “The Hunger”. There is a doctor […]

Top Gun 2 Gets Director And A Release Date

Apparently movie audiences still feel the need, the need for speed in the form of aerial combat pilots returning for Top Gun 2.  News of the sequel has been kicking around development hell for the better part of 2 years, never really going away but never really moving forward other than Tom Cruise saying “it’s happening”. Earlier […]

Vince Vaughn: Action Star? He May Team Up With Tony Scott For Lucky Strike

Looks like Vince Vaughn may be ready to trade in witty banter for some real weapons. He’s now attached to star in drug trade action flick Lucky Strike, which director Tony Scott is intending to make his next movie. If – and really, that’s a big if – this project comes together, Vaughn would star […]

Has Mark Millar’s Busy Schedule Killed The Nemesis Movie?

Once upon a time, Fox were making plans for a big screen adaptation of Mark Millarand Steve McNiven’s Nemesis. I remember it well, not least because Bleeding Cool were the very first to tell you when director Tony Scott became attached. It was also memorable for the casting rumours that kept bubbling up, often from […]

Tony Scott Going Under With Narco Sub

The thriller Narco Sub was written as a spec script by hot-and-trotting action specialist, David Guggenheim. It was snapped up by Fox over the Thanksgiving weekend, and they’ve already attached Tony Scott as director. Apparently producer Simon Kinberg specifically targeted Scott – which is flattering for him, and alarming for me. Variety say the film […]

Ghostbusters And Top Gun Headed Back To Cinemas, Five Dimensions Between Them

Now we’ve waded out into the sharp, clear waters of digital distribution (to waist deep at least) it looks like the phenomenon of cinematic reissues has gone from benefiting the canon of Sight and Sound-pleasers to being used to promote upcoming DVDs or Blu-ray box sets. This kind of re-release has happened loads. Just to […]

This Unofficial Nemesis Motion Comic Is More Than A Motion Comic

Striking me somewhere between The Kid Stays in the Picture and the opening titles of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, this work-in-progress motionalisification of Millar and McNiven‘s Nemesis has a whole lot more going for it than most motion comics. It’s apparently being intended as a music video, but that’s going to require a little bit of […]

Ridley And Tony Scott Producing Le Mans Race Miniseries

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool What do you think of when you hear the phrase “period piece”? Clearly you think of exciting, fast moving car chases, right? If not, you’re about to. Brothers Ridley and Tony Scott are about to redefine the way we look at period dramas with an upcoming BBC 4-part miniseries, […]


24 Movie Is Hanging In Limbo No Matter What Kiefer Sutherland Says

Speaking to TV entertainment magazine Extra, Kiefer Sutherland said that he expected the 24 movie would be shooting by year’s end. Sounded fishy, or at least wishy, and it turns out that Fox are distancing themselves from the comment already: Unfortunately, Kiefer is overly optimistic. The project is still in development, with no director attached. All […]

Tony Scott To Direct The 24 Movie? Apparently He Has An Idea…

Any interest I had in the big-screen movie of 24 was related to Billy Ray, the man originally tapped to write its screenplay. His record with political and conspiracy thrillers is pretty solid, and his own film Breach in particular is rather compelling, exciting and provocative stuff. It’s about as far removed from 24 as […]

Denzel Washington Tells Us Five Things, Most Of Them About Unstoppable

Tony Scott’s take on the runaway train subgenre is Unstoppable, a film loosely based upon real events that saw a train run wild on the tracks of Cleveland. And I mean loosely. The film’s second-billed star is Denzel Washington, and Bleeding Cool were lucky enough to talk with him recently about the film, and other […]

We’re Giving Away Tickets To See Unstoppable – Come Get Some

Tony Scott’s Unstoppable is racing towards us like a runaway train without any brakes. If you want to make like Denzel and cut it off at the pass, we’ve got lots of tickets to early screenings to give away. The sittings are taking place next Monday, 8th of November, at ODEON cinemas in: Birmingham, Cardiff, […]

Tony Scott To Direct Top Gun 2 – But How Big Is Tom Cruise’s Part?

The Unstoppable junket is underway this weekend, and as expected, director Tony Scott has faced a barrage of questions about the in-development sequel to Top Gun. What’s Playing are first out of the traps with a horse’s mouth confirmation that Scott has said yes and will be directing the sequel. The film suddenly sounds really […]

Why Is The New Superman Movie Making Harry Knowles Sigh?

C’mon, Harry – whatever it is, you can tell us. Harry Knowles, the Headgeek himself, popped up today in the AICN Talkbacks (ie. fandom’s equivalent of the World War II trenches, and all of his own making). He had something to say about Deadline’s list of Chris Nolan’s preferred Superman directors. Here’s his comment: I wouldn’t […]

Chris Nolan’s Wish List Of Directors For Superman

It’s turning out to be a day for speculating about the payroll on big, tentpole superhero movies.* There must be a lot-of-behind the scenes activity at DC Entertainment right now, and not just the packing of desk calendars and executive toys into cardboard boxes. We’re hearing from all over the place that a big announcement, […]