Tomb Of Annihilation

Making Our Way Through Roll20’s Version Of ‘Tomb Of Annihilation’

Roll20 has always been able to work out awesome deals with Wizards Of The Coast to bring their Dungeons & Dragons content to the app. Back in September, the two companies partnered up again to bring you their version of Tomb Of Annihilation, the most recent adventure module for D&D. We got our hands on […]

Curing Curses & Chult Shenanigans With D&D’s ‘Tomb Of Annihilation’

It’s been a minute since we had a complete adventure guide from Dungeons & Dragons hit our shelves. Oh sure, Tales from the Yawning Portal gave us some classic adventures from over the years, but the last full adventure guide was over one year ago in the form of Storm King’s Thunder. So to see a […]

How The Dying Roll: Reviewing The ‘Tomb Of Annihilation’ Dice Set

With the latest Dungeons & Dragons adventure “Tomb Of Annihilation” out for people to start running through, Wizards Of The Coast decided to take an extra step to make the grim story a little more intriguing for those who wish to delve deep into it. As part of its release, they have created a special […]

Preparing To Be Annihilated With Acquisitions Incorporated At PAX West

Short version: There’s a lot of parties after off-site awesomeness at PAX West. It would be easy to sit here and brag about all the stuff I got to go to that had nothing to do with the primary convention, but the best experience of the four days we were in Seattle was the live performance/taping […]

Dungeons & Dragons Reveals Next Two Books Following Live Stream

This past weekend on Twitch, Dungeons & Dragons held the Stream Of Annihilation, which showed off a new campaign on the way. The campaign was revealed to be called the Tomb of Annihilation, and holy crap, does it ever look fun and difficult. Here are a couple images from the book, just to give you a […]