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Two LEGO® sets have been leaked from the upcoming Thor Ragnarok film, and they are both pretty spiffy. The sets are based on the big battle with Hela seen in the trailer, and another is the showdown between Thor and Hulk in the arena. This will be the first time a Thor film has gotten […]

Castle of Horror: Only Lovers Left Alive Is Beautiful, Pretentious

We wrap up our Sexy Vampire Retrospective (for now) with Jim Jarmusch's 2013 film Only Lovers Left Alive starring Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton and John Hurt. The film was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and tells the story of two vampires living out what may be their final days on […]

The Night Manager Producers Announce That They Have Nothing To Announce

The Night Manager was a big success for BBC / AMC and there are talks about a second season. And that's all there is… talks. A misleading report in the British trades this week put the project into questions, but the Ink Factory, who produces the series with BBC / AMC, had to come out […]

'Kong: Skull Island' Has Flaws But Features Plenty Of Giant Ape Action

Kong: Skull Island is far from perfect as it suffers from a few pacing issues and is overall devoid of any deeper meaning, but has plenty of giant monsters fighting a giant ape to make up for it. When Legendary announced that they were not only making another King Kong movie but that it will […]

Kong: Skull Island "Groove" Trailer: Brie Larson's Fay Wray Moment

Kong: Skull Island starring Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, and Samuel L. Jackson has given us a lot of trailers, tv clips, and featurettes.  Feels like we've seen a lot of footage from this film, and the special effects have certainly been shock-and-awe caliber, but there's also plenty of references to the original 1933 film in the […]

Kong: Skull Island "Rise Of The King" Final Trailer Shows Us A Lot Of Fight

Feels like there's been an awful lot of trailers, tv spots, featurettes, etc for Kong: Skull Island.  And it's all been some very impressive-looking stuff, for sure, but I have to say I do think they saved the best for last with this final trailer. Kong: Skull Island hits on March 10, 2017, starring Tom Hiddleston, […]


Thor: Ragnarok Synopsis Spells Out How Much Hulk We Get

By Joe Glass Disney have released a new synopsis and behind-the-scenes image for upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe entry, Thor: Ragnarok. What is particularly interesting is the kind of story elements from the comics that it seems to be suggesting and hinting at, and also giving us a better idea of the amount of involvement that […]

Frank Miller and Geof Darrow's Hard Boiled Starring Tom Hiddleston Anyone?

I'm always wary of posting rumors started by Hollywood gossip site Deadline because doing so once resulted in my receiving a thirty minute long bare bottom spanking from Dan Wickline, but in this particular case, it's probably worth the risk. Supposedly, Warner Bros is in negotiation to adapt Frank Miller and Geof "Geoff" "Jeff" Darrow's […]

Stop Monkeying Around And Watch The Trailer For Kong: Skull Island

The trailer for Kong: Skull Island has finally been released, and it's bananas! All of us here at Bleeding Cool are going absolutely ape over this trailer. So plant your big red butt cheeks in a chair and check it out! Why are you all groaning? Okay, fine, enough monkey business. Here it is:   Directed […]

Will Daniel Craig Take $150 Million To Continue As James Bond?

We've gotten a lot of rumors on who the next James Bond will be after Daniel Craig said he didn't want to come back… he says that a lot… Speculation has included both Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston to be the next OO7. But a new rumor from Radar says the next man […]

Thor And Loki Give Up Rivalry And Open A Newspaper Stand

Seems Thor and Loki have returned to Earth and got a job selling newspapers. Or at least that's what Chris Hemsworth wants us to think as he tweeted this photo of himself and co-star Tom Hiddleston sitting in street clothes in front of a newspaper / magazine stand. What may be more interesting are the […]

Thor: Ragnarok Set Photos Reveal Loki Relaxing And A Strange Address

With Thor: Ragnarok still in production, the opportunity for actors like Chris Hemsworth to post fun or teasing photos remains irresistible. Hemsworth, for instance, posted this photo of he and Tom Hiddleston relaxing on a set that appears to be Earth-based. Just sellin papers with my mate @twhiddleston #PartTimeJob #ThorRagnarok @TaikaWaititi — Chris Hemsworth […]

Tom Hiddleston Joins Instagram To Tease Loki In Thor: Ragnarok

Considering where Loki was sitting at the end of Thor: The Dark World, it's little surprise that he and actor Tom Hiddleston would be returning for the third Thor film. But before Loki and Thor have their reckoning in Asgard, the actor joined Instagram to reveal his glee in returning to the role. He's back! […]

Tom Hiddleston Is Happy To Be Back In Black Hair And Leather

Tom Hiddleston's Emmy-nomination isn't slowing down his work on Thor: Ragnarok. talked to the actor shortly after learning of his nomination for The Night Manager to find out if he was going to celebrate or spend the rest of the day being beaten up by Chris Hemsworth. I'm going to sleep for a bit, […]

Thor: Ragnarok To Begin Filming July 4th

Chris Hemsworth will be picking up Mjolnir again starting July 4th as filming of Thor: Ragnarok will begin on the Gold Coast of Australia. The actors fifth time as the God of Thunder will be along side of Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, […]

The Night Manager's Susanne Bier Reportedly On Bond Director Shortlist

While the saga of Daniel Craig and his 00 status remains unresolved, the search for a new Bond director is underway. Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes announced he will not return to the director's seat and, according to the Radio Times (via The Hollywood Reporter), a shortlist of replacements already exists. One name on […]

John Le Carre Discusses The Fall Of Richard Roper

As The Night Manager has wrapped up on AMC, author John Le Carre sat down for the final two segments of Author's Notes. Not surprising they focus on Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie) as he finally reveals what he really does to Jonathan Pine (Tom HIddleston). Le Carre uses Roper to illustrated the direct connections between […]

Daniel Craig Reportedly Retiring As 007

On the press tour for Spectre, actor Daniel Craig flip-flopped on whether or not the film would be his last. He went as far as to say he would rather slash his wrists than return as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007, but later back-peddled that statement citing exhaustion from the shoot. With the understanding that […]

The Sense Of Loss A Writer Feels When Their Character Comes To Life

Author John Le Carre has done another Author's Notes segment to go along with the fourth episode of AMC's The Night Manager. Here he talks about how as long as the character is on the page, the writer has his version of the character and the reader's have their version they create when reading. That […]