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Black Hammer: Age of Doom #4 cover by Dean Ornstom and Dave Stewart

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #4 Review – Lair of the Dragonfly

Lucy discovered that Madame Dragonfly and Colonel Weird are behind the heroes being trapped in this small farm town. Meanwhile, Abe and the Barbalien have a heart-to-heart about their current situation and love lives. Barbalien tries to get Abe to just accept that things are going well. However, Golden Gail is about to make a […]

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014

By Rich Johnston, Hannah Means-Shannon, and Christine Marie Why 11? Building on our inaugural Bleeding Cool "best of" lists last year, we encourage you, dear readers, to dial it up to 11. It's no exaggeration to say that this has been an extreme year for the number of new and innovative comic series reaching readers […]

K Is For Knowledge… And Todd Klein

Todd Klein has gotten to K on his series of alphabetical prints and where he teamed with artists for each of the previous ten, number eleven is all his. Might have to do with the last name of Klein. He blogs about it here,  sells the print here. And You can find earlier prints here.

C'mon Join The Joyride, With Todd Klein And Gene Ha

Todd Klein is releasing another print in his Alphabetical line, this time J, with Gene Ha. Joyride, inspired by The Chimæra as retold by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Todd runs the story here, displays the print (below) and sells it here. You can also find earlier prints here.

Todd Klein And Shawn McManus Show Us All How To Go Freelance In This New Print

Todd Klein has created a number of prints that enable him to show off his lettering and design abilities, with some of the top comic book writers and artists in the world, including Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Alex Ross. Each print is also themed with mostly-successive letters of the alphabet. And now with Shaun […]

League Of Extraordinary Lettering

Todd Klein presents some of his lettering work from the upcoming League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 1969 as well as some of the working practices of all parties on the series. So we have script excerpts for the following panels; NOW WE HAVE A SHOT THROUGH MINA'S EYES AS SHE STARTS TO MILDLY EXPERIENCE THE […]