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Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 cover by Fernandez Angulo

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 Review – The Meaning of Flames

Dragon Knight Gravis and Executioner Wurdow face opposition on the way to New Londo. Silver Knight Arkon and his regiment are assailed by demons and metal manipulation in Izalith. Channeler Liste must report these new happenings to the short-tempered and ambitious dragon, Duke Seath the Scaleless. Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 kicks off with […]

Konungar: War of Crowns #1 cover by Alex Ronald

Konungar: War of Crowns #1 Review – Vikings vs. Centaurs

The Kingdom of Alstavik has been ripped asunder. King Rildrig has ascended to the throne, while his older brother, Sigvald, was left in the cold. Sigvald knows his older brother is reckless and ruthless, so he leads a rebellion to take the throne back from his brother. Their sister, Elfi, tries everything possible to end […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of June 13th, 2018: Thunder and Wings

Comics for Your Pull Box is a bit late this week, as Wednesday is tomorrow. But, better late than never, right? Anyway, Bleeding Cool is here to help you sort out what makes it into your pull box this week. Read below to see our suggestions. As always, here is the full ComicList catalog of […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, June 6th, 2018: New Age of Justice and Hulks

It’s the beginning of a new month, and that means a new month of Wednesdays and new comic books. How should you start your month? What comics should you get? We’ll let you know here. Here is the link to the full ComicList catalogue. Let’s get started. Shipwreck #6 The finale to Warren Ellis’ Aftershock series comes this […]

2021: Lost Children cover by James Stokoe

2021: Lost Children #1 Review – Abundant in Ideas, Starved of Personality

A convoy enters the now-independent state of Detroit. Fighters from within the city attack, stop the convoy, and kill the soldiers inside. However, four young children survive. These children have extraordinary abilities and are being ordered by a man only called “Father” from a command center outside Detroit. These four children age whenever they use […]

Bloodborne #4 cover by Vanesa del Rey

Bloodborne #4 Review: The End of the Hunt

The Hunter and the child find themselves in a fishing village as they search for a boat to take them through the sea. The Hunter receives a cryptic message from Gerhman, and the child falls further ill. It also sees terrible things which the Hunter cannot, and it must help the Hunter navigate these horrors. […]

Prisoner #2 cover by Colin Lorimer

The Prisoner #2 Review: Not Bad but Very Predictable

Breen is at the mercy of the Village, and they will stop at nothing to get the information about Pandora from him. Worse yet, he sees some familiar faces in the Village’s compound, and they aren’t saying the things that the MI-5 agent wants to here right now. While the Prisoner #2 scores some points […]

Comic Book Wins and Losses, Week of May 9th, 2018: No Justice for Deadpool

Welcome to the next installment of Comic Book Wins and Losses! This week, we’re going to try something a little different. To limit myself and to, honestly, make these a little easier to construct, there will only be five wins and five losses. This may fluctuate depending on circumstances, but that will be the template […]

Warhammer 40000: Deathwatch #1 cover by David Nakayama

Warhammer 40k Deathwatch #1 Advance Review: Big Bland Turtle Men

The Deathwatch are Space Marines that exist on the edge of known space. They are meant to protect the Imperium from the aliens beyond. Many of the Deathwatch are becoming restless, but their thirst for action may just be sated soon. I believe I’ve implied this before, but I’m no Warhammer player. The lore sounds […]

Fighting American #3 cover by Andie Tong

Fighting American: The Ties That Bind #3 Review – Stale and Blunt Social Satire

The Fighting American is kept busy by his handlers while Speedboy is made a national news sensation for his interviews “exposing” the Fighting American. Elsewhere, FA’s FBI ally begins to find her way to the bottom of the conspiracy targeting the hero. I reviewed an issue of Titan’s Fighting American run a few months back. […]

Bloodborne #3 cover by Piotr Kowalski

Bloodborne #3 Review: Under a Paleblood Sky

The Hunter continues to wander across the land with the Paleblood child. The child continues to exhibit bizarre and unnerving qualities, and the beast is still tracking them across the land. The Hunter is still unsure what the child is and what it can do for the Hunt. Bloodborne continues its trend of low-key and […]

The Prisoner #1 cover by Mike and Laura Allred

The Prisoner #1 Review: Knowledge is Power

Breen is an MI-5 agent who works for the Unit. After a compromised mission in the Middle East, he loses track of his partner. His superior believes she has been taken to the Village, a clandestine information-mining facility with global power and influence. Breen is ordered to kill his partner before she can give up […]

Bloodborne #2 cover by Damien Worm

Bloodborne #2 Review: More Resistant to Newcomers but Still a Beautiful Comic

The Hunter and the Paleblood child make their way to the wilderness, and the Hunter faces down snake beasts before finding a secret passageway to Iosefka’s clinic and passing out. Iosefka watches over the child while the Hunter seeks answers from Gerhman in the Hunter’s Dream. The first issue of Bloodborne succeeded in its straightforwardness. […]