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Star Wars – Grand Admiral Thrawn is Back in Thrawn: Treason

A Star Wars fan favorite is coming back. Today on The Star Wars Show it was announced that in 2019 Lucasfilm Publishing will release a third book in the highly acclaimed Thrawn series, authored by Timothy Zahn. In this third installment, Thrawn: Treason, Grand Admiral Thrawn, will be forced to choose between his adopted Empire […]

Star Wars: Thrawn #5 Cover by Paul Renaud

Star Wars: Thrawn #5 Review – Hunting the Nightswan

The Empire is laying siege to Batonn, but Admiral Thrawn and Eli Vanto have their sights set on the criminal known as Nightswan. The siege goes disastrously, but Thrawn and Vanto manage to gather information on Nightswan. The admiral is put in charge of the Batonn siege, and Governor Pryce returns to provide aid in […]

Star Wars: Thrawn #4 cover by Paul Renaud

Star Wars: Thrawn #4 Review – ASMR Imperial Procedure Roleplay

Commander Thrawn and Ensign Eli Vanto are called out to handle a dispute between human colonists and the local population on the planet, Cyphar. Human colonists are raiding Cyphari crops, and it is believed that a criminal known as “Nightswan” is responsible for the conflict. It’s up to Thrawn to discover the truth. While Thrawn […]

Star Wars Thrawn Alliances Cover

Thrawn Teams Up With Darth Vader In New Star Wars Novel

Thrawn is teaming up with Darth Vader. No, not on TV or film, but in a new novel from writer Timothy Zahn. Thrawn: Alliances is due to be published on June 26th, 2018 from Del Rey. It will be a sequel to this year’s highly successful novel Thrawn. That is an awesome cover. The novel […]

Lucasfilm Brings The Thunder With Their Publishing Panel At NYCC

Rich Epstein writes from New York Comic Con 2017: A long time ago (earlier this evening) in a galaxy far, far away (New York Comic Con), a dozen Star Wars writers got together to discuss their experiences, their love of Star Wars and their upcoming projects. We know what’s important, so we’ll skip ahead to […]

[Breaking] Grand Admiral Thrawn Novel Sequel Featuring Darth Vader

Coming out of New York Comic Con and reported by Bleeding Cool’s very own Hugh Sheridan, a new Star Wars novel about Grand Admiral Thrawn novel has already been written Timothy Zahn, who wrote the prior novel released earlier this year. It will follow up the previous Thrawn novel, and will feature the Grand Admiral teaming up with […]

Star Wars Rebels Trailer Expands The Universe With An Important Return [UPDATED]

As first seen at the Star Wars Celebration panel, the new Star Wars Rebels season three trailer features teases like a droid army, a masked character saying “call me Wedge” and the return of a fan favorite character who will expand the universe. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmXp802sFgQ[/youtube] And as revealed at the panel, Grand Admiral Thrawn will at […]

Will A Major Expanded Universe Character Resurface On Star Wars Rebels?

When the Star Wars Expanded Universe lost its (complicated) canon status following the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney, it took with it a number of beloved characters from the tidal wave of comics, games and novels. People like Darth Revan and Mara Jade seemingly disappeared in a blink. Or disappeared in as much as the official […]