Timothy Omundson

'Psych: The Movie 2' Shawn & Gus's Unwelcome Return to Santa Barbara in USA Sequel

Well, Psych-Os we didn't have to wait for iiiiiiit much longer: Psych: The Movie 2 is underway and this one promises to give us a whole lotta Lassie (Timothy Omundson). Unfortunately, Omundson suffered a stroke before production began on the first movie and worked tirelessly on his recovery. He felt well enough to make a brief, but impactful […]

'Supernatural' @ 300: Our 10 Most Beloved (and Delightfully Hated) Characters

In honor of the CW's Supernatural's landmark 300th episode "Lebanon," we're here to highlight the 10 most influential characters from throughout the entire series run. Fellow Bleeding Cool contributor Tom Chang and I carefully narrowed down the list, casting a spotlight on the SPN Family's most beloved–and delightfully hateable–personalities. We couldn't bring ourselves to rank them…so we'll introduce […]


Lucifer And Maze Show Us The Secrets Of Lux

Tonight we get to meet Lucifer's Father, which should be a lot of fun because I think Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has some serious daddy issues and in this case, daddy is God (Timothy Omundson). Below we have a sneak peek into tonight's episode and a behind-the-scenes look as Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt take us around […]

Lucifer Returns With A Surprise Announcement

On Monday, May 1st, Lucifer returns to Fox for their Spring Premiere. The series has already been renewed for a third season, but this one is far from over as Lucifer (Tom Ellis) returns with a shocking announcement… he's married. And his dad (Timothy Omundson) has come to town. Fox has released a trailer and […]

A New Opening Song For The Return Of Galavant

If you are to believe the new opening song, no one is more surprised that ABC gave Galavant a second season than the show itself. Last years mid-season event didn't do that well in the ratings but received good critical reviews… enough so that the show is back for another mid-season event. The show even […]

Four Minute Cold Opening For Galavant

ABC is trying something very different, a medieval musical comedy called Galavant. The 8-episode first season stars Joshua Sasse (Rogue), Timothy Omundson (Psych), Vinnie Jones (Elementary), Mallory Jansen (Young & Hungry), Karen David (Waterloo Road) and Luke Youngblood (Community) with special guest appearances by Ricky Gervais, John Stamos, Rutger Hauer and Weird Al Yankovic. This seems […]