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Gendercrunching March 2013 – Names And Titles

Tim Hanley writes; Both publishers were down slightly in March, but Marvel maintained the highest overall percentage of female creators for a ridiculously impressive tenth month in a row. We also take a look at our regular stats from a different angle in our annual roundup. DC COMICS DC was down by the tiniest amount […]

Gendercrunching by Tim Hanley – September 2012

Tim Hanley writes for Bleeding Cool; It was another big month for Marvel, who smashed the record for highest percentage of female creators, while DC continued their slump and dropped slightly from their unimpressive August numbers. We also take a look at DC's full zero issue stats, seeing what's up and what's down since the […]

Gendercrunching May 2012 by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley writes for Bleeding Cool; After three months in a row at the same percentage of female creators, DC Comics was up in May, which helped them regain the top spot from a sliding Marvel. We also take a look at the solicitations for DC's #0 issues, and find that things haven't changed much […]

Gendercrunching April 2012 by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley numbercrunches for Bleeding Cool; DC stayed the same AGAIN while Marvel dipped a bit but still had the higher overall percentage of female creators. We also look at DC's stats from a different angle and see how these numbers compare to their regular totals. DC COMICS First off, my apologies for the delay […]

Gendercrunching February 2012 by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley writes for Bleeding Cool; ¬†The Big Two tied this month, and at a decent number too, which gives us a unique opportunity to compare how DC and Marvel each arrived at the exact same overall total. We also take a look at sales by gender, but that discussion gets quickly sidelined by how […]

Gendercrunching January by Tim Hanley: Female Characters At Marvel

Gendercrunching January 2012 January wasn't particularly great for either publisher, with both DC and Marvel just barely reaching double digits for female creators. DC won this race to the bottom by a small margin, continuing to squash Marvel's recent upstart aim for the top spot. Also, we take a look at female characters on Marvel […]