Marvel September 2019 Solicitations

Punishment Like Lightning? Thunderbolts Return to Marvel in September

Baron Zemo is getting the band back together! That’s right, the Thunderbolts are back at Marvel in September, though not in their own series. Zemo’s new Thunderbolts will appear in September’s issue of Punisher, from Matthew Rosenberg and Szymon Kudranski. Of course, the cover shows that Zemo’s Thunderbolts won’t have an easy time facing down […]

New Thunderbolts

Josh Talks ‘Thunderbolts’ Part 2: New Thunderbolts Vol. 1 – One Step Forward

After looking through the comments and past the people who took umbrage with the fact that I admitted my favorite comic books series wasn’t perfect, I got the feeling that many in the comments wanted me to talk about Fabian Nicieza, Kurt Busiek, and Tom Grummett’s New Thunderbolts series from 2004. That’s fine, because, when […]


Josh Talks ‘Thunderbolts’, Part 1: In The Beginning

At last, I am getting around to devoting a series of op-ed/retro review pieces to my all-time favorite comic book series, Thunderbolts. And what better place to start than the beginning, when the Thunderbolts were created by industry veterans, Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley. First appearing in Incredible Hulk #449, the Thunderbolts were a mysterious […]

Jim Zub Just Pitched Another Thunderbolts Series And Needs Fan Support

So, yours truly was being a casual fanboy this morning, tweeting at Jim Zub to obsess over his Thunderbolts book and asking if it will be returning after Secret Empire’s conclusion: Is there still a chance this masterpiece could return after Secret Empire? — Josh I Guess (@joshdavisonbolt) June 26, 2017 I was hoping for […]

Ghost Rider And Punisher Stars Are Interested In A ‘Thunderbolts’ Team-Up

The order of the day are team-ups in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the moment we have the continuing adventures of the Avengers, the Defenders are getting for their Netflix series, and movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok look like the Mighty Marvel Team-Up of the good old days. Now that audiences have wrapped […]

Anthony Piper Quickdraws Thunderbolts #1 Hip Hop Variant

Marvel has released a new quickdraw video, this time featuring Anthony Piper working on the Thunderbolts #1 Hip Hop variant. The cover features The Winter Soldier, Moonstone, and Mach V. This is a riff on the Naughty by Nature cover. [youtube][/youtube]

Marvel Comics Push Thunderbolts #3 – Is It Down To Captain America And Kobik?

So, Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 came out this week. And revealed, spoilers, that Kobik, the sentient cosmic cube used by SHIELD to create Pleasant Hill, has been under the control and influence of the Red Skull the whole time, and turned Captain America into a Hydra agent. And not a gay one either. But Kobik has […]

“May The 4th Be With Zub” Jim Zub Talks Upcoming Comics

I always enjoy following Jim Zub news. He’s one of the most friendly comic book creators I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Incredibly engaging with fans via social media, he always keeps people in the loop about what’s going on with his books and provides deeper looks into his creative process. Last week, May the […]

Is Memory The Key To Marvel Comics’ Avengers Standoff? (Spoilers)

Bleeding Cool has run speculation as to how the Avengers Standoff event would tie into the revelations in Captain America: Sam Wilson that SHIELD had a secret program called Kobik to alter reality with cosmic cubes, possibly created with the new abundant ISO-8 material. Even if Maria Hill dismissed it. It was something that Sam Wilson, […]

A Busy Week For Jim Zub: More Dungeons & Dragons Comics And Thunderbolts

Happy news! Epic writer Jim Zub is bringing us more Dungeons & Dragons comics, and that is a great thing! His series Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate was incredible, so it only makes sense that he’s going to be releasing more action-packed stories for us to enjoy. Bonus news, if you didn’t get a chance to read Legends of Baldur’s […]

A Better Look At Marvel’s New Thunderbolts

Spinning out of Avengers Standoff, it seems, these appear to be the new Thunderbolts, modelled on the original nineties launch issue… Still one guy in silhouette….  but that looks like the actual original team with original identities… And not these guys:    

Amazon Fishing For Carnage, Thunderbolts And Mockingbirds

Marvel’s Amazon listings (It’s been that kind of a day) give us some insight into a few of Marvel’s upcoming plans. First, Carnage with a glimpse of a new storyline that will begin in March (and a guarantee it will at least go up to August…) Jabulile van Scotter is a 16-year old South African girl sailing around the […]

Saying Goodbye To Thunderbolts And Hawkeye In October

Here is the solicit for Thunderbolts #32, out in October. THUNDERBOLTS #32 BEN ACKER & BEN BLACKER (W) KIM JACINTO (A) Cover by DAVID YARDIN • The Punisher vs. the Thunderbolts – FINAL CHAPTER • Will the Thunderbolts prove to be the complete failure Punisher believes them to be? • This final issue of the […]

Bleeding Cosplay – From Magneto To Skyrim

Each week Bleeding Cosplay Senior Cosplay Correspondent Ian Mageto features individuals who not only love cosplay, but also bleed it. If you would like to have your work featured please send a high resolution image to  as well as any social media links and photographer credit. Like these folks did. To see more of Ian’s cosplay coverage […]

Thunderbolts, After Original Sin

 I am told to expect the nature of the Thunderbolts comic to undergo some very big changes after Original Sin. The book began as the story of supervillains masquerading as superheroes, and eventually coming to rather enjoy the change. It then morphed into a fighting area type book. Then a government sanctioned black ops book. […]

Thirty-Three Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics – Young Avengers, Tom Strong, Nova, Secret Avengers, Now What?, Haunted Horror, Justice League Dark, Great Pacific, Satellite Sam, Sex Criminals, Uncanny Avengers, Pretty Deadly, Judge Dredd, Velvet, Infinity Hunt, Conan, Infinity Heist, Larfleez, Savage Wolverine, Rat Queens, Massive, Doctor Who, Rocketeer/Spirit, Samurai Jack, Mind MGMT, Kiss Me Satan, Zombie War, Fever Ridge, Dark Horse Presents, Vampirella, Army Of Darkness/Reanimator and Thunderbolts

Another week, a lovely load of comic books! The Gay Blade does seem to suit the long beard and hair in when talking to a created-by-Alan-Moore character in today’s Tom Strong, doesn’t he? Today’s lesson. When fighting Nova, don’t call his mother a cow. Simples. Don’t worry new Inhuman-in-Secret-Avengers, there are worst places you could […]

The Secret History Of The Inhumans… Or The Mormons? (Infinity Spoilers)

I confess, I am now wanting a Broadway musical entitled The Book Of Inhumans. Because in today’s Infinity titles from Marvel, we learn a new secret history of the family of altered, twisted race of people… and that there are lots more of them around. And it involves a lost tribe of Inhumans… From today’s […]

Nineteen Thoughts About Nineteen Comics – Judge Dredd, KISS Kids, Aphrodite IX, Thunderbolts, Wonder Woman, Nova, X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Vibe, Justice League Of America, Pandora, Indestructible Hulk, Daredevil, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Mice Templar, Thief Of Thieves, Batman And Nightwing And BPRD

It’s Wednesday! Lots of comics came out today! Here are a few thoughts about a few of them. Mostly (but not totally) ones I haven’t talked about already today… Okay, firstly, I want Cosplay of this guy by NYCC and secondly, the Judge Dredd that I know would grab that and use it as a […]