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Free On Bleeding Cool – Robert E Howard Presents Thulsa Doom #1

To go along with the latest Groupees deal, Dynamite's Swords, Sandals And Sorcery Bundle, the publisher has sent over the first issue of Robert E. Howard Presents Thulsa Doom #1 by Arvid Nelson and Lui Antonio. The book has a cover by Alex Ross. From the pages of writer Robert E. Howard comes the debut […]

Review: Thulsa Doom #1 By Arvid Nelson, Luke Lieberman And Lui Antonio

Look at the small Thulsa on the cover and the large Doom. This is a bad guy comic from the get go, even emphasising a certain syllable in common with a Marvel bad guy… A Robert E Howard creation from the Kull stories, Thulsa is a the wizardic nemesis of Kull, appearing on Conan stories […]