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Wednesday Trending Topics: Thor 2, Dark Elves, And Maybe Malekith

Watching the development of this one closely, as the source material is a favorite: These two snaps from the London locations of Thor: The Dark World show a number of dark elves, showing of their rather distinctive look. One of them stands apart, and has his own design. Is this Malekith, as played by Christopher […]

Thor 2 Photos Show A Closer Look At Prop And Set Design

Patrick Dane helps holds down the ship Bleeding Cool The post-summer production season is in full swing and where as Kick Ass 2 has been leaking photos seemingly every day, Thor 2 hasn’t been far behind. We have a closer look at the sets and props that we have been seeing for the past week […]

Thor 2 Battles Getting Hectic In Video From The Set

Splash News aren’t just bringing back still images from the Bourne Woods set of Thor: The Dark World, but also some pretty frenetic battle scene footage. This clip gives away nothing of the way Alan Taylor is filming these action beats, but we at least get some sense of the scale he’s going for. And […]

Thor 2 Battle Sequence Snaps – Sif, Smoke, Mystery Monsters And All

Here we go again. Much as we tried to guess who Loki’s army were in The Avengers, here in these Thor 2 images we have some more mysterious… things to speculate about. There’s even a close-up of one such ‘thing’ in this set of snaps, though from the rather approximate mask, I assume he’s a […]

Friday Runaround – The Dredd Of Dundee

TrollWatch: DCWomenKickingAss on why ignoring or banning a troll sometimes just isn’t enough. All told he used, that I can find in my records, 70 + emails and IP addresses on my blog. I know I just deleted many more.  And of course there the many, many names off the blog where he’d show up where […]

Alice Krige Has A Small Part In Thor 2: The Dark World

Taking part in the Star Trek Las Vegas convention over the weekend, Alice Krige revealed that she’s just been cast in a small part in Marvel’s Thor sequel. Thanks to @startrekcon, who was tweeting their heart out all weekend long, we now know: Krige has just been cast in Thor 2 – but she says […]