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As Black Panther Gets Another Third Print, He Is Divided By The Prowler

Black Panther #2 is the latest Marvel title to have gone to a third printing. But what is the character's future? Comic Book has the next Marvel Now Divided teaser, with the shattering of Black Panther and The Prowler. I'm starting to wonder if this is a new set of Marvel playing cards. And we're all […]

Prints Charming: Ninjak #1 Sells Out Of 27,000 – And More Second Printings

On the heels of some rather decent reviews, the first issue of the new series of Ninjak #1 by Matt Kindt, Clay Mann, and Butch Guice from Valiant sold out on Firday just after hitting the shelves. With sales on the first issue being reported to Bleeding cool at 27,000 units, which makes it the biggest Valiant debut since […]

Swamp Thing #1 And Detective Comics #1 Get Third Prints

According to DC Comics, Swamp Thing #1 and Detective Comics#1  join Batgirl #1, Action Comics #1 and Justice League #1 in and getting third prints (and Justice League is up to fourth now). No word on the common colour scheme (second prints go with red) but if I was a betting man, I'd go with […]

Action Comics #2 "Goes To Backorder" (UPDATE)

I've been told that orders for Action Comics #2 have "gone to backorder" on Diamond Comic Distributors' site, which means retailers are currently unable to increase their orders for the title without being sure they'll get copies. All available copies have been snapped up by stores increasing their orders,. While this won't include copies that […]

Justice League #1 Third Print To Use Comic Con Cover

As the second print disappears, I understand that DC Comics will use the Jim Lee cover for the San Diego Comic Con brochure as the cover for the third print. Below is a not-very-good artist's impression of how it might look.