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Top Cow Teams With Humble Bundle For Science And Sex

The latest Humble Bundle comes from Top Cow and has a fun title/theme: Science & Sex. The collection features some of Top Cow's more recent and best-selling titles including Sunstone, Aphrodite IX, Think Tank, Symmetry and more. And part of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) and WDC […]

No Superheroes Here! Top Cow At ECCC 2017

The Top Cow panel was quick and easy featuring Production President Matt Hawkins. Hawkins gave fans a quick glance on upcoming series such as:   Out of all of them, Genius seems to be the most ambitious. From the Top Cow website: "What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a […]

Think Tank: Animal #1 – Cutting Edge Technology Gets Scarier And Scarier

Think Tank is a Top Cow title created by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal. It focuses on Doctor David Loren, a genius who was recruited by DARPA at the age of 14 to build weapons for the government. Loren to feel the guilt from his actions and refused to build any more killing machines, acting […]

Matt Hawkins Addresses The State Of Top Cow

Once a year Top Cow's President & COO Matt Hawkins likes to give a State of the Union type of address showing where the publisher is and where it's going. And I can tell you, after chatting with Matt for an hour or so the other day, the state of the Top Cow is good. […]

The Rise Of Eden's Fall – Matt Hawkins Talks Top Cow Crossover

This month sees the release of a new crossover comic from Top Cow. But it doesn't feature characters like Witchblade, Aphrodite IX or the Darkness. This crossover pulls together Think Tank, Postal and The Tithe, three comics grounded in a very real feeling universe. Matt Hawkins has been creator / co-creator on all three of […]

Eden's Fall Is Coming – Read Think Tank #1 For Free

Top Cow's newest series, Eden's Fall, is unique in that it pulls together three different titles into one. Three different non-superhero titles: Think Tank, The Tithe and Postal. Each title was created by Matt Hawkins (co-creating the first two with Rahsan Ekedal) and come together in a tale of revenge and consequence. To help promote […]

The Art Of Rahsan Ekedal

Hitting stores this week is a new hardcover art book featuring the work of Rahsan Ekedal. The new offering form Top Cow features the artists work from books like Echoes, Think Tank and The Tithe along with non-Top Cow books like Creepy and Solomon Kane. It's in the same format as the 25th anniversary Art […]

Quantum Cryptography And Long Distance Relationships

Tomorrow sees the release of the next installment of Top Cow's return to the genius world of David Loren and the TALOS Project. Think Tank: Creative Destruction #2 is by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal and focuses on the vulnerable U.S. infrastructure that the government is doing almost nothing to address. THINK TANK: CREATIVE DESTRUCTION #2 […]

Hawkins And Ekedal Return To Think Tank With New Color Series

Think Tank is one of the smartest science fiction titles on the market. This April, the Top Cow series from Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal returns with Think Tank: Creative Destruction #1. The new story arc, now in color, deals with the U.S. infrastructure (electric grid, water, roads, etc) and how vulnerable we are… it […]

Are You Ready For Top Cow's Critically Acclaimed Series Think Tank This September?

The critically acclaimed Top Cow series is returning this September. From Image Comics, bestselling writer Matt Hawkins (Tales of Honor) and artist Rahsan Ekedal comes Think Tank: Creative Destruction #1. The story centers on an unknown enemy who savages the technological infrastructure of the US. Panic and conspiracy theories spread as David Loren and his […]

Are Think Tank And Postal Being Made Into TV Shows?

Matt Hawkins of Top Cow posts on Facebook, Well, well, so it seems we'll have not ONE but TWO announcements for TV series being picked up based on some of our… Posted by Matt Hawkins on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 That would be… About a scientific genius being used and abuse by the military. And… A comic […]

Matt Hawkins Talks About Robbing Churches & Religion In The Tithe

By William Wright Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal, the duo responsible for the criminally underrated Think Tank, have release the issue #2 of their modern twist on a heist story in The Tithe in shops this week. The story tracks a pair of FBI agents tasked with tracking down a morally ambiguous hacker group known […]

Exclusive: Top Cow's Think Tank To Return In Color And On-Going

Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal's series Think Tank is coming back in September as an on-going series, and this time it will be in color. The original series focused on Dr. David Loren, a super-genius that worked for a government agency creating weapons. He decides he no longer wants to do that any more and tries […]

31 Thoughts About 31 Comics – Avengers Undercover, Secret Avengers, Returning, Rust, First Born, Wraith, All New X-Men, Bee & Puppy Cat, Batman Eternal, Uber, Royals Masters Of War, Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu, Batgirl, JLU, TMNT, Deceivers, Lumberjanes, Next Testament, Sons Of Anarchy, Judge Dredd, Miss Fury, Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, Ash And The Army Of Darkness, Tales From The Con, Shutter, Minimum Wage, Starlight, Shadow, Think Tank

So, did everyone watch last night's Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD last night? Well not me, not yet, been too busy. No spoilers! Ironic I know… but I reckon a lot more of this stuff with the Clairvoyant could have been tidied up if, as today's Avengers Undercover tells us, they'd had… Exactly. SHIELD has Necromancers. […]

Arsenic Lullaby Gets TV Adaptation For Comedy Central – On Wednesday Night

Comedy Central has recently launched a new animated series called Trip Tank.  Seth Green and Matthew Senreich developed the show which  features a collection of recurring animated shorts built into a half-hour block. The plots from Adam McKay, Tom Gammill and Jon Glaser range from a magical alcoholic wheelchair helping sick children to a group of aliens studying the world's most average guy. But […]

Buy Top Cow's Think Tank: Fun With PTSD And Help A Charity

On stands this Wednesday is Think Tank: Fun With PTSD #1 from Top Cow. The book is an over-sized flip book with the other side debuting a new series called WildFire. The important thing to note here is that for every copy of the book sold, $0.25 will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project. […]