The Witness

The Witness Is Coming To Xbox One Next Month

The Witness came out all the way back in January and really blew a lot of people away. There is not much like it, and it is formed so beautifully with such great ideas, you really owe it to yourself to give it a good look. If you are an Xbox One owner, that is […]

The 25 Best Games Already Out This Year

This year has been a little crazy thus far for game releases. A few years ago, we were very back heavy with the Holiday and Black Friday period dictating where the most important games fell, (plus awards happening around then didn’t hurt either). However, over the last few years, with the ever rising of indie […]

The Witness Looks Like It’s Coming To Xbox One

The Witness has been such a long time coming, the game being touted around at the announcement of the PlayStation 4. Because of that, it has long been associated with Sony. It seem that Microsoft might be getting some console love too. The ESRB (via Destructoid) have an Xbox One version of the game listed, suggesting that […]

Get A Pretty Glimpse Into The Witness’s Gorgeous Island

The Witness will be with us this month, after a long ol’ production period. Jonathan Blow‘s new game looks like a really quite neat puzzler though, so I’ve been just fine waiting. It really does look drop dead gorgeous as well, as this new trailer shows. There isn’t a lot of flair going on here […]

The Witness Gets A Beautiful Longshot Trailer

The Witness has been gestating for a long, long time now. It was meant to be a near launch title for the PlayStation 4, but its creator Jonathan Blow has been toiling away on it, getting it to a place he is happy with slowler than originally planned. It is finally due out in January, […]

The Witness Is Going To Have Some Really Tough Puzzles In It

I’m really excited for The Witness. Braid creator Jonathan Blow‘s next game has been long gestating, but it was finally revealed we’d be getting our hands on the game in January. It’s a relief to see the project resurface, as I was getting a little worried there for a little bit. The game is going […]

Jonathan Blow’s The Witness Is Coming In January

Braid creator Jonathan Blow‘s next game has been gestating a while. The Witness was actually shown off at the reveal of the PlayStation 4 way back in early 2013, where it was thought to be coming soon. It is now the end of 2015, but we finally have a release date for the game. In […]

Jonathan Blow Says The Witness Is 10 Times Longer Than Braid

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about The Witness in any serious way. Creator of Braid Jonathan Blow‘s new game was shown during the PlayStation 4’s announcement and most people assumed it would come, if not at launch, soon afterwards. We are now over 14 months after launch and we’ve still not got it. That’s fine, […]