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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness: Who Should Direct?

Doctor Strange:In The Multiverse of Madness lost its director this week. Scott Derrickson, who helmed the first film, stepped away after the age old "creative differences" popped up. It is a shame, he brought some real neat ideas to the first one. Onward and upward as they say. While Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently […]

New Trailer for A24's "The Lighthouse" is Very A24-y

New Trailer for A24's "The Lighthouse" is Very A24-y

In January 2015 The Witch came to the Sundance Film Festival and knocked pretty much everyone flat on their asses. Despite the fact that it took over a year to make it to the big screen the movie picked up a cult following and introduced the world to the fantastic Anya Taylor-Joy along with director […]

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Funko Round-Up: Squirrel Girl, Gargoyles, and Black Phillip!

Funko makes a lot announcements, for a lot of different products that we will all gobble up and chase around so we can add them to our collection. Today we have three new Funko goodies to show off- one a modern horror icon and the latest two in their Specialty Series designed to drive some […]

Kaitlyn's Top Eleven Movies Of 2016

EDIT: I wrote 2017 not 2016. I apologize Time for the eleven best movies of the year. As I must acknowledge I do consider a difference between the "best" movie and my "favorite" movie of the year. Also, my lack of La La Land is likely going to get me kicked out of the cool […]

The Witch Re-Release Trailer Encourages You To See It Again For Black Phillip

The Witch returns to the theaters for a limited run this coming Friday. To celebrate, A24 has released a new trailer for the film highlighting some of its creepy thrills. Oh, and Black Phillip, of course. The trailer is a little foulmouthed, so be careful if you're watching it at work. [youtube][/youtube] The Witch returns […]

The Witch Review: A Wonderfully Crafted Puritan-Era Horror

The Witch (or the VVitch as it's labeled on the movie posters, in an homage to early 17th century printers who would use two Vs next to each other rather than a capital W), is a stark, haunting period piece set in 1630's New England. For this to be a debut feature film by Robert Eggers, […]

The Horrors Of Object Permanence And Baby-Snatching In New Trailer For The Witch

In the new trailer for The Witch, a nice game of Peek-a-boo turns into a startling look at the witches in the woods, a goat on hind legs and other creepy things that happen when a mother (or child) seem to vanish from existence. [youtube][/youtube] The Witch opens on February 19th.