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Aquaman Producer Thinks The Trench Could Be Released Before Aquaman 2

When Warner Bros. announced their intentions to make a spin-off movie based on the Trench characters from Aquaman, fan reaction was a strange combination of surprised and not surprised. At this point, the movie was a certified smash hit with a worldwide box office of over a billion dollars. We knew a sequel was on […]

Warner Bros. Pictures Working on ‘Aquaman’ Spinoff About ‘The Trench’

Hot on the fins of Aquaman‘s success at the box office, it appears Warner Bros. Pictures wants to delve even deeper into the world of the watery mysteries of The Trench with a spinoff film titled….The Trench. According to The Hollywood Reporter, WB has brought on Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald (both newcomers to the fast-paced […]

Mariana Trench Scene | Aquaman (2018) Movie Clip HD

New ‘Aquaman’ Clip Intros The Trench from New 52

Followers of the Aquaman comic during the New 52 will no doubt recognize some characters in the newest video release from James Wan‘s Warner Bros. aquatic superhero film. The Trench, who were introduced by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis in their New 52 Aquaman run, are coming to the big screen: Aquaman director James Wan talked with […]

sdcc 2018 aquaman dc figures

Check Out the DC Multiverse Figures at the Mattel Booth at SDCC

DC Multiverse figures are making a huge push into retailers right now. Part of that will be the figures released in anticipation of Aquaman hitting theaters in December. On the floor at SDCC today we got some shots of not only Aquaman stuff galore (including their impressive underwater display) but the next waves of Multiverse […]