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"Suicide Squad" Actor Addresses Absence From Upcoming Sequel

The upcoming film The Suicide Squad is currently slated to feature a large ensemble cast including new and returning characters. Despite several familiar faces appearing in the sequel, one star from the first film has made it known that he has little interest to return. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who is known for his role as Killer […]

"The Suicide Squad": Nathan Fillion Set to Join James Gunn Film [REPORT]

While Marvel maestro James Gunn might be spending some time making his mark on DC Comics' cinematic universe, it looks like he'll be getting a little more help from his friends – a very familiar one, at that. Deadline Hollywood is reporting exclusively that sources are confirming that Nathan Fillion (Firefly, The Rookie) will be […]

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James Gunn Says Disney "Totally Had the Right" To Fire Him

James Gunn, filmmaker behind Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy films, is finally ready to talk about his firing and subsequent rehiring by Disney. He dives deep in a chat with Deadline, sharing just how intense that first day post-House of Mouse was for him, comparing it to moments of extreme loss and duress from earlier […]

Michael Rooker May be in James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad' as King Shark

Michael Rooker May be in James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad' as King Shark

This is one of those times when a rumor has just enough truth behind it that we could totally see it happening. According to a report from The Wrap, filmmaker James Gunn really wants his pal Michael Rooker to join his upcoming film for Warner Bros. Pictures, The Suicide Squad. The Wrap says Rooker is apparently "in talks" […]

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Daily 'Dune': David Dastmalchian Calls Villeneuve "Our Generation's Kubrick"

Filming is underway right now in Budapest on the upcoming Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures film, Dune. Based on the seminal literary work of the same name by Frank Herbert, this live-action retelling of the story of Arrakis is much anticipated by fans all over the world. We were pretty tickled when actor David Dastmalchian was announced […]

Wait, Polka-Dot Man Will Be in 'Suicide Squad' 2?

Wait, Polka-Dot Man Will Be in 'The Suicide Squad'?

There has been no greater villain to face off against the Caped Crusader in his 8 decades of crime fighting than the perilous… Polka-Dot Man? He's so nefarious, he's only appeared a dozen times since his debut in 1962. What does the Polka-Dot Man do? Well, whatever a Polka-Dot does, I guess. All joking aside, […]

Probable Inspiration: James Gunn Loves John Ostrander's Run of Suicide Squad

Probable Inspiration: James Gunn Loves John Ostrander's Run of Suicide Squad

There may be some additional intel on exactly what we'll be seeing in James Gunn's upcoming The Suicide Squad film for Warner Bros. Pictures, at least when it comes to the source material inspiration. We've assumed for awhile that it was unlikely we'd be seeing the New 52-style of Suicide Squad in Gunn's film, which is […]

Jai Courtney Says [Again] He's in 'The Suicide Squad' as Captain Boomerang

Jai Courtney Says [Again] He's in 'The Suicide Squad' as Captain Boomerang

This is actually the second time actor Jai Courtney has commented "on the record" that he WILL be returning for Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming The Suicide Squad as his character Captain Boomerang. Back in March, Courtney spoke with Business Insider and confirmed that he was coming back for The Suicide Squad, as far as he knew. We're […]

'The Suicide Squad': John Cena in Talks to Join James Gunn's Film

'The Suicide Squad': John Cena in Talks to Join James Gunn's Film

Dear Warner Bros. Pictures, can we PLEASE get some additional confirmation on what the hell James Gunn's The Suicide Squad film will be called?! We ask because several outlets (Variety, THR, etc.) still can't seem to come to a decision on if it's *actually* called The Suicide Squad or Suicide Squad 2. Your own producers and execs have said […]

Kevin Feige Says James Gunn's Return Means "All is Right With the World"

We have to say, on the topic of James Gunn's return to the Disney fold with Marvel Studios to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, we COMPLETELY agree with Kevin Feige. "Thankfully [James Gunn] is back and he's doing it and all is right with the world," the Marvel Studios boss recently told i09 while talking about […]

Idris Elba NOT Playing Deadshot in 'The Suicide Squad'?!?

In the fast-paced world of film and entertainment reporting, sometimes the stories are like the points in Whose Line Is It Anyway– they just don't matter (or often make sense, until someone explains them). We're lookin at YOU, The Suicide Squad. Let us put it this way- no one can decide if the James Gunn written and directed The […]

Jai Courtney Says He Is Returning for James Gunn's The Suicide Squad

Jai Courtney Says He Is Returning for James Gunn's The Suicide Squad

The last we heard about the James Gunn Suicide Squad movie is it's a total reboot. We heard that there was going to be very little as far as crossover from the previous movie. In fact, the only characters that were set to return were Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie and Deadshot played by […]

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The Suicide Squad is a Total Reboot According to the Producer

When it was announced the other day that James Gunn would be returning to direct the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie the internet responded very positively [more or less]. However, there were some fans that were concerned. In the months since Gunn was let go by Marvel, he signed on to write, and possibly […]

REPORT: No New 52 For James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad'

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad sounds like it'll be VERY different from it's predecessor film, in addition to the recent rumbles of casting changes and possible character breakdowns. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn's The Suicide Squad won't be drawing from DC Comics' New 52 for inspiration or character directions. Unlike David Ayers' Suicide Squad, Gunn's […]

The Line-Up for James Gunn's The Suicide Squad Reportedly Revealed

The Suicide Squad is turning into one of those movies where people are a little excited but also not quite sure what to think. We also don't know that much about the production though it seems that is about to change. Collider has reportedly gotten their hands on the line-up for this James Gunn written […]

Idris Elba Reportedly in Talks to Replace Will Smith in The Suicide Squad

It sounds like another Marvel actor is looking to join the DC universe. Last week it was announced that Will Smith would not be returning to the new Suicide Squad movie written and directed by James Gunn. There were not many pieces from the first movie that DC wanted to save but Smith as Deadshot […]

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We ALMOST Had a James Gunn-Directed 'Superman' Movie

You know those times where the "what ifs" and "almost" projects are just SO GOOD you have to yell about them? The one I personally yell about the most is George Miller's Wonder Woman starring Megan Gale what WOULD HAVE PROBABLY LED TO KINGDOM COME, and also Guillermo del Toro's possible Dark Universe (DC Comics dark universe, not the Universal Monsters). […]