the silencer

DC Silences The Silencer in June

The long, slow death of the New Age of DC Heroes continues as The Silencer's final issue is listed in June's solicitations. As far as new ages go, this one was probably shorter than most. The solicit: THE SILENCER #18 written by DAN ABNETT art by V KEN MARION and SANDU FLOREA cover by JOHN […]

John Romita Jr. Wants to Be "the Most Un-PC Person in All of Comics"

Superstar artist and member of DC's Master Class, John Romita Jr., has a new book in stores next week: The Silencer #1, written by Dan Abnett, and part of DC's New Age of DC Heroes initiative. Romita gave an interview to Vaneta Rogers at Newsarama talking about the book, and one theme kept coming up […]

Dark Days: The Casting

Dark Days: The Casting #1 Review – Seeing The Shape Of Metal

Dark Days: The Casting is the second comic prelude to DC's enlarging event, Metal. And while I am sure there are still surprises yet to come, Dark Days: The Casting may in fact be an incredibly apt name – because we can finally get a real sense of the shape of how this event effects […]