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THE PREDATOR Boyd Holbrook (right)

The Predator to Open at $30M According to Early Predictions

The early box office predictions are in for some of the September releases. According to Variety the early predictions for The Predator are in. The early reports say that the Shane Black entry into the series could bring in $25-$30 million on its opening weekend. That isn’t bad at all, but Variety notes that they […]

Shane Black Talks About How Humanity Prepares for Invasion in The Predator

Director Shane Black is getting ready to bring something new but familiar to The Predator next month. USA Today has run their fall preview and we got a new image of the classic monster, but Black has also given a hint about what humanity has been doing since our first encounter with the predators. More […]

THE PREDATOR Boyd Holbrook (right)

New Image from The Predator Gives Us a Closeup of the Monster

We have a new picture from The Predator which gives us a nice up-close look at the faces of one of the titular monsters from Entertainment Weekly. This movie is one of the big unknowns, and it might have more pressure than ever to do better. There are reports surfacing that Disney might not bother […]

Predator: Hunters II #1 cover by Agustin Padilla

Predator: Hunters II #1 Review – Not Worth Hunting Down

An execution of a CIA agent in Afghanistan by militants is interrupted by a Predator, whom kills the militants. The Predator Hunters lose most of their members, leaving them with a skeleton crew. They get ahold of the recording of the attempted execution and catch a glimpse of the Predator. The team leaves for Afghanistan […]


New TV Spot for The Predator Teases R-Rated Violence

We’re a little more than a month away from 20th Century Fox’s The Predator, and it’s one of those movies that looks a little better every time we see more footage. Since this is the home stretch it’s time for some TV spots, and this one shows off some new footage and especially some new […]

Edward James Olmos Has Been Cut from The Predator

Sometimes there are hard decisions when you’re editing a movie, and things get cut. Sometimes they are scenes, but sometimes they are entire characters. The Predator is the latest to movie to cut a major actor from its cast in the pursuit of a tighter edit. According to Slash Film, Edward James Olmos has been cut […]

New Poster for The Predator Plus Shane Black Talks Fear in Darkness

We’re coming up on the last couple of months before we get a chance to see Shane Black’s The Predator. First the official Twitter account shared a new poster showing the Predator in infrared vision. Next we have some new information from Black about the production. While talking to Collider (via Syfy) Black mentioned that […]

THE PREDATOR Boyd Holbrook (right)

20th Century Fox Brings the Fun to Their Panel for The Predator

This might be the last time we get 20th Century Fox at a San Diego Comic-Con and they are going out with a clicking noise. Fans took to Hall H on Thursday morning to kick off the convention with R-rated style. A packed room, which is always fun, got to watch the cast of The […]

20th Century Fox 2018 Liveblog

20th Century Fox SDCC Live Blog

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first live-blog of SDCC. We’re in Hall H and it’s time for 20th Century Fox to show off The Predator due out in September.  We’re going to see and hear about The Predator, which is due out in Sept, and more. Mark Seifert here will be relaying info from BC […]

THE PREDATOR Boyd Holbrook (right)

The Predator: Shane Black Talks Designing the Ultimate Predator

20th Century Fox is in the middle of a bidding war when it comes to their intellectual properties, but that hasn’t stopped the movies. One of the big releases for Fox comes out in September: Shane Black‘s The Predator. The movie is kicking off Comic-Con International on Thursday in Hall H, but before that Entertainment Weekly spoke […]

THE PREDATOR Boyd Holbrook (right)

Someone is in Trouble in this New Image from The Predator

It’s just two months away but we’re learning more about The Predator every day. It’s the center of 20th Century Fox’s presentation at Hall H next Thursday morning but Entertainment Weekly got a new image. We see Boyd Holbrook’s character pinned to the wall by one of the Predators which is a precarious situation to […]

The Predator empire still

2 New Images from The Predator Shows Off the New Armor

Fox is bringing The Predator to Hall H to help kick of Comic-Con International 2018, but Empire Magazine has new two new images before that big panel reveal. One of the things we’ve been learning about this new movie is that the Predators are evolving — and with evolution comes some awesome-looking new armor. “The […]

empire august 2018 The Predator

The Latest Empire Cover Celebrates The Predator

We’ve seen the subscriber cover for The Predator, and now Empire Magazine has released the regular cover for the August issue. The magazine is not only going to look at the new movie coming out in September but also going over the history of the entire series. From the outer reaches of space to the small-town […]

Empire’s Subscription Cover Features The Predator

It’s only July, but the marketing for The Predator has started. Or at least 20th Century Fox is here to quietly remind everyone that this movie is coming out. We’ve had some images, a TV spot, two trailers, and it looks like Empire is getting a cover. The magazine released the subscriber exclusive cover drawn […]

NECA Predator 2018 Film Figure 3

Predator Gets a New Figure from NECA from the New Film

Predator is going to have a big fall. NECA has shown off a ton of new pics and details for their new Predator figure from the new film. The figure will come in standard NECA window box packaging, with two interchangeable heads, one masked and one unmasked. Swappable forearms, four sets of hands, and even […]

The Predator NBA Finals TV Spot Still - New Predator

New Extended TV Spot for The Predator Shows Off a Ton of New Footage

The Predator is one of the unknown quantities that’s coming out this year. The last movie, Predators, was really good but didn’t do that well at the box office. This new movie is by director Shane Black, and a new extended TV spot (or teaser or trailer; whatever you want to call it) that aired […]

The Predator

Shane Black Talks About Why He Wanted to Direct The Predator

The first footage for the Shane Black movie The Predator dropped recently, and we’re finally starting to get an idea of what kind of movie we can expect from the production. Black was recently spoke to a couple of different outlets, including Cinema Blend, about why he decided to take on The Predator. No, I […]