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This War of Mine: Stories Receives New DLC with "The Last Broadcast"

11 Bit Studios has released the latest (and long-anticipated) installment for This War of Mine: Stories called "The Last Broadcast". You can download it today for just $4, or $7 along with all the other DLC they've released as part of the Season Pass. Enjoy the story's description and the trailer below. The Last Broadcast tells […]

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Filmmaker Sues the Duffer Brothers for Allegedly Stealing 'Stranger Things' Concept

The road to Stranger Things' third season on Netflix has been a good news-bad news roller coaster for series creators Matt and Ross Duffer (The Duffer Brothers) over the past several weeks. With news of the cast getting raises and the show being featured in this year's Universal Studios' Halloween Horror came allegations of verbal […]

Archaia's Bringing Us Edgy Energy In The Last Broadcast Hardcover This June

Ever wonder what's behind that "No Trespassing" sign? Well, The Last Broadcast hardcover, from Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, written by Andre Sirangelo, with art by Gabriel Iumazark, will answer your curiosities. This book is a debut from the creative duo, and is sure to take readers into the dark corners of the world where secrets […]

New Archaia Project to Launch In Singles On Heels Of Hacktivist Sell-Out

When BOOM! Studios acquired Archaia Entertainment last summer, many wondered how the larger publisher would impact their publishing line. One thing that was mentioned in the initial flurry of interviews was a desire to return Archaia to the single-issue format. Right now it's looking like that will be a regular part of Archaia's publishing program. […]