The Great Divide

Writer’s Commentary – Ben Fisher On The Great Divide #5

Dynamite has sent us a Writer’s Commentary by Ben Fisher for The Great Divide #5. Cover and interiors by Adam Markiewicz. Page 1 We’ve tried to end every issue of The Great Divide on a cliffhanger, and the Issue 4 ending was a doozy, with Paul being touched by a number of “vessels.”  So this was a fun […]

Ben Fisher Talks The Conclusion Of The Great Divide

Ben Fisher talks to Byron Brewer about  The Great Divide  #6, the grand finale, on sale in February from Dynamite. Covers by series artist Adam Markiewicz. BYRON BREWER: Ben, this miniseries has been such a personal project for you as a writer. As the conclusion nears in February, did you tell the story you wanted to […]

Writer’s Commentary – Ben Fisher On The Great Divide #3

A Writer’s Commentary: Ben Fisher talks The Great Divide #3, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover and interiors by Andy Markiewicz. Page 1 One of the (many) things that I enjoy about writing this series is exploring its unique world order through different lens and personality types.  Issue 3 is our first real look into […]

“We Took A Lot Of Chances With This Book.” – Ben Fisher Talks The Great Divide

Ben Fisher talks to Byron Brewer about The Great Divide #4, on sale in December from Dynamite. Covers by Adam Markiewicz and Kevin Stokes. BYRON BREWER: As December approaches, Ben, what do you have in store for Maria and Paul in issue #4 of The Great Divide? BEN FISHER: Our protagonists learned some potentially world-changing information in […]

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite’s Horror Titles Shipping October 2016

And we have some more of Dynamite’s covers and solicitations for October 2016. This is an exclusive first look at their Horror titles including trades for Army of Darkness: Furious Road and The Complete Raise the Dead as well as individual issues of Evil Ernie: Godeater and The Great Divide. ARMY OF DARKNESS: FURIOUS ROAD […]

From Grumpy Cat To Post-Apocalyptic Drama – Ben Fisher Talks The Great Divide

Ben Fisher, best known for writing Grumpy Cat, is now shifting gears and working on a post-apocalyptic drama series called The Great Divide. He talks with Byron Brewer about the first issue that will be on sale from Dynamite in September. Cover A by Mike Henderson, Cover B by Adam Markiewicz, Cover C by Kyle Strahm. BYRON […]

Dynamite Tuesday: Fisher And Markiewics Bring The Great Divide

Smuggling Spirits creators Ben Fisher and Adam Markiewicz are bringing The Great Divide to Dynamite Entertainment. In story, humanity awakens in the near future to the horrifying reality that the faintest touch from another’s skin results in agonizing death. The survivors isolate themselves, many driven mad by fragments of memories absorbed from the dead. But when a […]