The Fifth Element

Netflix's April 2019 Offerings: 'The Fifth Element', Ton of Original Content

The time has come to browse through the upcoming offerings for Netflix come April 1st 2019, and there are some pretty good options for the endless scroll. Starting at the beginning: April 1st: ULTRAMAN — NETFLIX ANIMEAcross The LineAll the President's MenBonnie and Clyde (1967)DeliveranceDivine Secrets of the Ya-Ya SisterhoodEvolutionFreddy vs. JasonFriday the 13th (2009)I Am […]

The Most Romantic Movies That Don't Suck: Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day. Dreaded by many. Loathed for its relentless persecution of the lonely. Greedy cash-grab by corporate interests vying for your hard earned cash. Forget all that crap. Cuddle up with your sweetie, load up on popcorn, and watch our favorite Romantic Movies That Don't Suck: Valentine's Day Edition! True Romance (1993) One upon a […]

Luc Besson Talks Valerian

While discussing the nature of his distribution company, director Luc Besson, of The Professional and Lucy fame, told Deadline a little bit about his ambitious project, Valerian. "This is such an adventure for me, and I know it's really a turning point. This is a huge film. It's expensive. It's in 3D. It's on IMAX," he said […]

Cyberpunk's Influence On Brian Wood's Channel Zero And The Couriers

By Bart Bishop Graphic novelist Brian Wood's Channel Zero (2000) and The Couriers (2003) fuse baroque sequential art with misanthropic prose. Wood's surface influences of "punk rock" and cyberpunk are demonstrated in his aesthetic choices, utilizing the zine methodologies of early "underground" comic books and punk magazines and taking clear visual inspiration from the works […]