The Falcon

Doctor Strange #387 cover by Mike del Mundo

Doctor Strange #387 Review: Getting Back on Track

Doctor Strange has been broken, beaten, and left to bleed out within Mephisto’s Hotel Inferno in the Las Vegas hellscape. All hope seems lost when he gets an astral message from his closest friend, Wong. He tells Stephen of the team he’s put together to save both Las Vegas and the Sorcerer Supreme. Then, something […]

Thor #703 cover by Russel Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

Thor #703 Review: A Bloodbath in Asgardia

Judgement day is here. The Mangog has arrived in Asgardia, and there is no escape for the gods from his wrath. Heimdall, Fridja, and Cul all put in efforts to halt the monster, but it may all be for naught. All the while, Odin merely sits on his throne. Meanwhile, Falcon, the Odinson, Doctor Strange, […]

Falcon #3 cover by Daniel Acuna

Falcon #3 Review: Flawed but Still Very Compelling

The Falcon and the Patriot have been locked away by the mayor. That mayor soon reveals his identity as Blackheart. He makes Sam and Shaun an offer that they naturally deny, given that he’s a literal demon and all that. Doctor Voodoo returns to save our heroes, and the three are ready for round two […]

Falcon #1 cover by Jesus Saiz

Marvel Legacy Falcon #1 Review: He’s Still My Captain America

Sam Wilson was and is my Captain America. The Winter Soldier is my favorite Marvel hero, but Sam Wilson is my Captain America. While I loved Bucky’s tenure as Captain America in Ed Brubaker’s series, he wasn’t fit for the role. He was too bitter and unsure of how he fit into the legacy. That […]

Avengers #672 cover by Alex Ross

Marvel Legacy Avengers #672 Review: It Just Doesn’t Hold Together

The relationship between the Avengers and the Champions remains strained as the two reunite in the stopping of a massive meteor from colliding with the Earth. All of this happens while space explorations attempt to locate the exact position of High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth on the other side of the sun, if it is truly there. […]

Avengers #11 Review: A Lacking Story With Unfitting Art

I am a big Avengers guy. I have been ever since I started reading comics. My first readings of the team were the Marvel Masterworks collection of the first volume of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Avengers. From there, I read the Marvel Adventures Avengers book (I was young, remember), and, some time after that, […]

Quintessential Captain America Stories To Read This July 4th

In celebration of the American Day of Independence, it’s a great time to point people in the direction of some great stories about the greatest champion of the United States, Captain America: The Sentinel of Liberty. It happens to be more relevant these days when the current mainline story about Steve Rogers is…less than satisfying […]

Secret Empire To Secret Empire: Interview With A 40-Year Captain America Fan

I was first introduced to comics by my dad. It started with a Spider-Man obsession, like with many younger kids. Over time, it developed, and I got more interested in characters like the Avengers, the X-Men, Hawkman, the Flash, and others. It’s worth mentioning that he also introduced me to Bleeding Cool, has been a […]

Secret Empire #5 Review – Just Not Good Super Hero Fiction

Now, even though I am Bleeding Cool’s “Secret Empire is actually pretty good” guy, doesn’t mean I think the series is perfect. It has its flaws, and one of my first two articles for BC was my review of #2, which was a comic that could basically be summed up with “Hey, don’t forget to […]

Secret Empire: Underground #1 Review- A Great Self-Contained Adventure

*Ties into the Secret Empire crossover Another Secret Empire tie-in, yay! I know that’s what you all were waiting for. I was actually kind of looking forward to Secret Empire: Underground #1. It has a lot of characters I genuinely like in it: Mockingbird, Hercules, Sam Wilson, and Ant-Man. Quicksilver is really cool too, though […]

Hot Toys Releases Images For New Falcon 1/6th Scale Figure

Hot Toys has released images of their new Captain America: Civil War version of The Falcon 1/6th scale figure. The new sculpt and paint reflect the changes in his wing suit that we first saw at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron that included adding the familiar red and white that the comic version […]

Anthony Mackie Wants His Bird And Spandex For Civil War

After the recent announcement that Anthony Mackie would return as Sam Wilson / The Falcon in Captain America: Civil War, he sat down with iamRogue. In the interview he talks about when he learned he was coming back and that he’s hoping to get to dress in spandex and gets his falcon. Captain America: Civil […]

The Winter Soldier And Falcon Invade Chicago

It’s Labor Day here in the U.S. so the movie news is a bit light… except for the story of leaked photos… so I figure we’d share this footage of this great panel from Wizard World Chicago with Anthony Mackie (The Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier / Bucky). They get asked everything from […]

The Winter Soldier And Falcon Not Happy With Captain America

Seems its time to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to the absurd level. Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier) and Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson / The Falcon) respond to being called out by their co-star Chris Evans (Steve Rogers / Captain America). They seem to take great umbrage to this and want […]

Late Night Fun – Anthony Mackie Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Anthony Mackie soared to the approval of critics and fans as The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and he’s been making the talk show circuit where he seems to have a different funny story for each host. This time visiting Queen Latifah he talks about how his excitement for the movie got him […]