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homer simpson sheet mask

D'oh! This Homer Simpson Sheet Mask is What Nightmares Are Made Of

As you may have noticed, I've developed an intense love for The Face Shop's products. The Korean beauty line has wooed me with its delicate skin care and cosmetics, which have done a great job in taking care of my winter-weathered skin. I also love their The Simpsons skin care line. The sheet masks have […]

simpsons sunblock

Get Prepared for Summer with The Simpsons Sunblock!

So, I'll be honest. I'm super pale. Light bounces off of me when I'm walking along the beach during the summer. While most people give me solid life advice such as, "Get a tan," I ignore them. Skin cancer concerns aside, it takes a lot to keep my pasty white skin the same color as, […]

marge simpson face mask

This Marge Simpson Face Mask Will Leave You Horrifyingly Hydrated!

Ah, sheet masks. I've written about them in the past, and I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. The Face Shop's Marge Simpson sheet mask is pretty damn nifty. I recently reviewed the Lisa mask, so now it was time to try Marge! Designed for medium-sized faces, this is deal for anyone with […]

simpsons face mask the face shop

How Treehouse-of-Horror is The Face Shop's Lisa Simpson Face Mask?

The Face Shop is a South Korea-based company specializing in skin care and makeup. Their products are made from the finest active plants and are designed to enhance a person's natural beauty. Currently there are over 100 stores worldwide, which is an impressive feat. I stopped into one recently and was slightly overwhelmed with the […]