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Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren Teaming for Action-Drama Series – Kinda

Just when you thought all of the light in the world had been extinguished… that all hope in the world was gone… we present you this moment of pop culture “zen”: Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, Creed II, The Expendables – like you didn’t know already) are teaming up for an action-drama series […]

The Expendables 4 Will See Off The Franchise In 2018

The Expendables has already seen three movies, of pretty middling quality thus far, but the core draw of the series (getting tons of B-Movie action stars from the 80s together) reamains a fun idea. It seems we are in store for one last ride though. The Hollywood Reporter are saying that The Expendables 4 is set […]

The Hunger Games and Twilight To Return?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate vice chairman Michael Burns said that The Hunger Games will “live on and on and on.” Speaking at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York, Burns noted that the earliest films in the series only covered the 74th and 75th Hunger Games and that fans missed […]

Terry Crews – Actor, Athlete And Artist

Terry Crews has been building his name as an actor for the last decade. From his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine to The Expendables movies and the Old Spice commercials, the guy is everywhere. His role on Newsroom was small but scene stealing opposite Jeff Daniels. And before he ever worked in Hollywood, he was bouncing […]

A History of Vileness: The Problem With Licensed Video Games

By Jared Cornelius The last few weeks I’ve found myself slowly completing South Park The Stick of Truth, not because it’s a bad game or has technical issues, but because I want to savor the experience.  After getting new abilities I find myself pouring over the town to find new items and quests, not wanting to miss a […]

New Expendables Trailer Tries To Incite Gender Wars

I’m not too amused by the sexist stereotyping in this new Expendables trailer. You could even argue the placement of the caption about Oprah is racist, and that the caption before Sly flexes his muscles is homophobic. I think I’ll go see Eat, Pray, Love instead. Ach! Who am I kidding? We all know I’m […]