The Demon King

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Finn Balor Has a Thing for Single-Word Tweets

Happy Friday! If you don’t know by now, my thirst for Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) is never ending. He is actually perfect, even if WWE doesn’t have a direction for his character. I still get a kick out of watching his performances, and he is a passionate wrestler. Plus, he’s beautiful. Anyway, in celebration of […]

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AJ Styles Takes On The Demon King

Due to a bacterial infection, Bray Wyatt was unable to go against his long time rival, Finn Balor. In his place was AJ Styles, who came over from SmackDown to fill the void Wyatt left. Styles is an amazing wrestler, and as we all know, I’m in love with Balor. So needless to say, this […]

finn balor

Is WWE’s Finn Balor Afraid Of Sister Abigail?

In the spirit of Halloween, Bray Wyatt is acting like a total weirdo with the Sister Abigail shitck. Thankfully the leader of the Balor Club isn’t afraid of anything. He’s proven that time and time again. And look, we all know I’m crazy about this guy, he’s my favorite wrestler next to Shawn Michaels. How […]