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Crystal Dynamics Will Appear at Google's GDC 2019 Panel

An interesting name popped up this week as part of Google's GDC 2019 panel as Crystal Dynamics will be a part of their Developer Day panel. The news came down on their Twitter feed yesterday, as the panel will also feature Amy Hennig (Uncharted) and designer Raph Koster (Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest II) as speakers. […]

[RUMOR] Could The Avengers Project Make an Appearance at The Game Awards?

Its no secret that Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo are going to be at this year's edition of The Game Awards, but their presence has a lot of people asking about Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' The Avengers Project. Because the Russo brothers are attending the awards as presenters, speculation ran even more rampant. But […]

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Marvel Says Square Enix's Avengers Project has an Original Story

Marvel has talked a little about Square Enix's Avengers Project, suggesting some things about its story and structure. Details on the Avengers Project have been very tight-lipped since it was revealed last year. That being said, it seems more information is coming faster and faster as production ramps up on the title. Just recently, it was […]

Marvel Games Will Not Hold To Continuity

Marvel Games will not require games developers to hold to the existing Marvel continuity. Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann told IGN at DICE, "We want to give [developers] freedom to tell their story and we want to make it an original story." So, no the games will not be following the films or comics directly, […]