The Bleed Episode # 3: James Asmus & Omar Spahi Join Us For Atomic Robo

The Bleed is a weekly book club by Bleeding Cool contributors David Dissanayake and Joseph Schmidt. The group meets every Wednesday on Google Hangout to discuss news, the latest comics, creator interviews and the pick of the week. This week, we’re discussing Atomic Robo vol.1: Atomic Robo and the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne by Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Ronda Pattison and Jeff Powell. [youtube][/youtube] Joining us […]

Thaniel – A Morality Tale With A Difference

I am going to go out and date myself here, but there are days I miss the comic industry of the mid-80s. It was an experimental time when you could do things outside of the norm and comic shops would give it a shot. You could do something so out there like Bone, Cerebus, Teenage […]

FCBD Los Angeles – A New Editor And Publisher’s Take

Siike Donnelly writes for Bleeding Cool: They say Christmas only comes once a year, but nerds know that’s not true. Beyond getting healthy doses of comics, TV shows, novels, movies & more, there’s a special day on the first Saturday of every May where we can all get our hands on some FREE COMIC BOOKS. This year, […]

Exclusive First Look At Thaniel #2

We’ve got an exclusive first look OSSM Comics at the cover and interior pages from Thaniel #2 by Omar Spahi and Terry Huddleston as the final order cutoff date approaches. The book will be on the shelves April 23rd so let your retailers know if you want one right away. After discovering who the person […]

Exclusive First Look At Thaniel From OSSM Comics

OSSM Comics, the publisher created by Omar Spahi has its newest title Thaniel in Previews now with issues #1 and #2 being released in April. Spahi writes the series along with artist Terry Huddleston. The story follows a young man who grew up around death his whole life, losing his friends, enemies, and his mother. Soon […]

Building a Comic Company – A Look At OSSM Comics

 Siike Donnelly writes: Building a company isn’t easy. I know I’m not blowing anyone’s minds by typing that, but it seemed best to start with something obvious. One of the only things I’ve ever done in that regard in my life was start The Naïve Project, which we used to gather 72 comic artists and […]

Thaniel, A New Comic, With Two Issues In April

Omar Spahi and Terry Huddleston are comic book creators without the greatest of followings. Yet. Omar had only on response on his Reddit IAM. Terry doesn’t have many followers on DeviantArt. The Facebook page for their new comic, Thaniel, is rather bare, without comments. An article showing off artwork on Bleeding Cool over Christmas got… […]

An OSSM Comics Holiday Gift – Sneak Previews of Thaniel, Separators, Monomyth

Siike Donnelly writes: In the past, Alex Wilson has been kind enough to review the first book by OSSM Comics, Xenoglyphs, and Rich Johnston has been overly gracious in publishing those stories, while also helping me spread the word on a project very close to my heart. Recently, I underwent a procedure where coils were […]