Joseph Saelee Wins The Classic Tetris World Championship

Joseph Saelee Wins The Classic Tetris World Championship

This evening, we have a new Classic Tetris World Champion as Joseph Saelee bested everyone else in Portland at the tourney to claim top honors. Technically a returning champion, he beat top contender Koryan in some high-speed levels in some really valiant efforts to take the title. As a special surprise to the winners, Alexey Pajitnov, […]

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PUMA Announces New “Tetris” Sneakers & Apparel

PUMA announced this morning that the company would be releasing a new line of shoes and apparel tying into their partnership with Tetris. Both companies had come together back in February 2019 for a partnership deal, but this is the first time we’re seeing the fruits of that deal. We have the details below on […]

Classic "Tetris" World Championship Happening This Weekend

Classic “Tetris” World Championship Happening This Weekend

This weekend, the 10th annual Classic Tetris World Championship will be taking place in Portland, Oregon and will be broadcast live on Twitch. The championships will take place during the Portland Retro Gaming Expo at the Oregon Convention Center from October 18th-20th. Players will face off in the 1989 NES version of the game for […]

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“Super Kirby Clash” Is Getting A “Tetris 99” Maximus Cup

The next Tetris 99 Maximus Cup has been announced and this time around the theme will center around the new Nintendo game Super Kirby Clash. The seventh cup will kick off at Midnight on September 20th and run until the same time at the end of September 23rd. This one has some special rules, which […]

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“Tetris 99” Evolves To 2.0 In A New Update With 2nd DLC

In the latest Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the next evolution of Tetris 99 is on the horizon. Tomorrow, Tetris 99 2.0 is coming to Nintendo Switch. The 2.0 update will bring a slew of changes to the game. Players will be able to complete daily missions to earn tickets. Those tickets can be […]

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“Fire Emblem: Three Houses” Gets A “Tetris 99” Maximus Cup

Nintendo is holding a minor crossover event as Tetris 99 will be holding a Fire Emblem: Three Houses Maximus Cup on Friday. This is a totally free event that will kick off on August 23rd at Midnight and end at the same time on August 26th. All you really have to do is play the Tetris 99 […]

“Tetris Effect” Will Be Coming To The Epic Games Store Next Week

Some interesting news out of the blue this morning as Tetris Effect will be coming to PC next week, specifically for the Epic Games Store. Originally earmarked as a PS4 exclusive last year, it looks like Epic Games decided to pay Enhance Games a ton of cash to move to a second platform and become […]

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“Tetris 99” Will Be Running A “Splatoon” Specific Maximus Cup

Tetris 99 is going to be getting a special Maximus Cup this week as Nintendo will be bringing the world of Splatoon to the game. Much like previous Maximus cups, all you basically need to do is be one of the top 99 players in the game during a specific period, and you’ll be rewarded […]

"Tetris 99" WIll Be Getting A Second DLC Pack This Year

“Tetris 99” WIll Be Getting A Second DLC Pack This Year

Those of you hoping for more content to come to Tetris 99, you’re in luck as there will be a new DLC pack coming to the game sometime this year. Nintendo released information on their Japanese website confirming that there will be a second DLC pack coming to the game sometime in 2019. They honestly […]

N3TWORK Partners With The Tetris Company To Release "Tetris Royale"

N3TWORK Partners With The Tetris Company To Release “Tetris Royale”

We’re going to be getting another battle royale game for mobile as N3TWORK Partners and The Tetris Company will create Tetris Royale. Both companies made the announcement this week, as they will be developing a 100-player game for iOS and Android complete with competitions, tournaments, and leaderboards. Much like how Tetris 99 runs on the […]

“Tetris 99” Is Throwing Its Fourth Maximus Cup This Friday

If you’re looking for some more esports action on the Tetris front, Nintendo will be throwing their fourth Tetris 99 Maximus Cup this Friday. If you’re not already familiar with this concept, the basic idea is that starting on June 21st at 12am PDT, you will have 48 hours to rack up the highest scores […]

Tetris Among The Last Games Added To The Sega Genesis Mini

Tetris Among The Last Games Added To The Sega Genesis Mini

SEGA has revealed the last set of games coming to the SEGA Genesis Mini and there are some pretty cool titles here including… Tetris? Yes, that’s correct. The twelve remaining games, and yes, we did say twelve because they added two more to the original 40-game library, were announced today. Those twelve are Darius, Virtua Fighter […]

The Tetris Company Announce New Collaboration With Hello Kitty

The Tetris Company Announce New Collaboration With Hello Kitty

Today, The Tetris Company revealed they have formed a brand new interesting partnership as they will start working with Hello Kitty. The two have signed a multi-year partnership to collaborate on games and merchandise, with the debut of a new online game that will take place on June 3rd, as well as revealing a new […]

Tetris 99 Will Hold Second Maximus Cup This Weekend

In case you enjoyed the Maximus Cup tournament in Tetris 99 that happened a few weeks ago, the company will be holding a second one this weekend. In order to enter the tournament, you’ll need to play the game this weekend as they will be checking people’s records from April 12th at 6am PDT through April 14th at 11:59pm […]

Tetris 99 is Running a Maximus Cup Competition Over The Weekend

Coming up this weekend, Tetris 99 will be holding a competition for three days called the Maximus Cup to earn some Nintendo Gold Points. The company made the announcement this evening along with other Nintendo Switch Online news, letting fans know that they’ll be giving you a shot and what is essentially free eShop money. Between […]

Review: Tetris 99

About a week ago, Nintendo dropped a pretty awesome bombshell on us when they revealed Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch to play free on their service. Like pretty much everyone else reviewing this game, the first thought on our mind was “oh, they made a battle royale version of Tetris.” Which isn’t a bad idea, […]

PUMA Announces a Brand New Partnership With Tetris

It appears we’ll be getting another retro-themed set of sneakers in the future from PUMA as the company announced a new partnership with Tetris today. There weren’t a ton of details released from either brand, but we do know that we will be getting a pair of their RS Silhouette shoes with a Tetris theme […]

Nintendo Announces and Releases Tetris 99 During Nintendo Direct

A little bit of a surprise during the Nintendo Direct feed as the company announced and released Tetris 99 for the Nintendo Switch yesterday. We were kind of curious after seeing Tetris Effect be released on the PS4 when we might see another Tetris game come out for Nintendo, since the two have gone hand-in-hand […]

Tetris Effect Limited Demo Returns This Weekend

If you haven’t had a chance to play Tetris Effect yet, there’s an opportunity coming up for PS4 owners, but it’s only happening this weekend. The folks at Enhance Studios, Monstars Inc., Resonair will make the demo available again to players from February 8th until February 11th, giving you a chance to try everything out in […]

Bleeding Cool’s Best in Gaming 2018: Best Puzzler

This year didn’t see too many puzzle games make their way into the top spots of gaming, but the few that did stuck with us, with Tetris Effect coming out on top. The game managed to take what was already one of the most well-known puzzle formats in gaming history and add in elements that made […]